bargaining chip

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bar·gain·ing chip

Something, especially an inducement or concession, used as leverage in negotiations.

bar′gaining chip`

something, as a concession or inducement, that can be used in negotiating.
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Noun1.bargaining chip - leverage in the form of an inducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations
leverage - strategic advantage; power to act effectively; "relatively small groups can sometimes exert immense political leverage"
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Mrs May has no bargaining chips left to play to deliver her unloved Brexit deal.
HRW stressed that the militants are holding the civilians hostage in order to use them as bargaining chips in negotiations with the Damascus government and Russia.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Kim Myeong-su said Friday he will cooperate with prosecutors investigating allegations that the top court under his predecessor used trial verdicts as bargaining chips in dealings with the former administration.
Israel is holding bodies of 16 Palestinians as bargaining chips. The decision to release them will be delayed until final decision is reached following additional hearing five months from now.
DOOM and gloom from Eleanor Jamieson (Journal Letters, December 21), who believes that we "hold no Brexit bargaining chips whatsoever."
Summary: Military experts say Al Houthis have lost several key bargaining chips
'Ang nakikita ko dito, ginamit nilang bargaining chips itong possible impeachment complaint against the Vice President and even the Ombudsman para 'yung mga supporters and allies of the Vice President ay hindi po magsusuporta sa impeachment complaint against the President.
"In a sense they are using people are bargaining chips and they cannot guarantee that this will be resolved before March 2019.
It describes these groupsAE reactions to the competing trends of internationalism and isolationism and sheds light on how medical and humanitarian aid were used as political bargaining chips during the emergence period of medical activism.
Speaking to the London Assembly on October 19, 2016, Khan joined the Scottish National Party in accusing Prime Minister Theresa May of using EU nationals as "bargaining chips" in her Brexit negotiations.
By threatening the future of thousands of EU citizens living in Britain by using them as "bargaining chips" in Brexit negotiations, she is strengthening the fringe xenophobes little Britons who nurse racism.