bargaining chip

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bar·gain·ing chip

Something, especially an inducement or concession, used as leverage in negotiations.

bar′gaining chip`

something, as a concession or inducement, that can be used in negotiating.
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Noun1.bargaining chip - leverage in the form of an inducement or a concession useful in successful negotiations
leverage - strategic advantage; power to act effectively; "relatively small groups can sometimes exert immense political leverage"
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The Viceroy first thought that the Resolution was perhaps a "bargaining counter" by Jinnah but towards end of April 1940, he was convinced that Jinnah was determined to achieve Pakistan at all costs.
He also dismisses the notion that Jinnah used the idea of a separate state as a 'bargaining counter' to seek concessions from the colonial rulers.
EUROPEAN Union citizens living and working in the UK must not be used as a "bargaining counter" in Brexit negotiations, the UK Government has been warned.
The club appreciates the value of a colourful atmosphere, and fans appreciate the bargaining counter they now possess.
He didn't elaborate further, though the possibility of the statement being a bargaining counter cannot be ruled out.
According to the paper, Iran is likely to use their possession of the drone as a bargaining counter and to seek concessions from Russia and China in return for allowing inspections.
Finally, the use of oil by Teheran as a bargaining counter risks fuelling a further increase in oil prices.
The proliferation of nuclear weapons is undesirable, but the role of such weapons is as a military deterrent, or as a bargaining counter in diplomatic negotiation.
But most of all - and the reason why Mr Blair seems certain to resist the latest plea from French President Jacques Chirac for a gesture over the rebate - it represents a powerful bargaining counter against the Common Agricultural Policy.
There seems little doubt that the Government wishes to use the Bill as a bargaining counter for support for the Foundation Hospitals Bill and for education legislation that is looming hull down on the horizon.
There was the fear, for which there was some justification, that the SS (who were being put in charge of the camps) would round up p-o-w's as a bargaining counter with the Allied troops.
Republican Sinn Fein President Ruairi O Bradaigh accused Sinn Fein of treachery, saying: "These arms were given to the Provos for the freedom of Ireland and not as a bargaining counter for securing, maintaining and expanding office in Stormont, Westminster and Leinster House."