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A board, often ornately carved, attached along the projecting edge of a pitched roof in front of a gable.

[Origin unknown.]


(Architecture) a board, often decorated with carved ornaments, placed along the gable end of a roof. Also called: vergeboard


(ˈbɑrdʒˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

a board, often carved, hanging from the projecting end of a sloping roof.
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The top vortex from the turning vane travels outboard downstream and the vortex from the bargeboard travels through the undercut area of the sidepod.
A Bressummer B Lintel C Bargeboard D Joist QUESTION 4 - for 4 points: What was the name of Rene's wife in the sitcom 'Allo, 'Allo?
BELGIUM 1995 Disqualified for running an illegal bargeboard.
Vitantonio Liuzzi came onto the track sporting a Japan flag on the bargeboard of the F111.
The plank, he explained, was a bargeboard that would be attached to a nearby open- sided shed, housing a gargantuan war canoe.
Other Gothic indicators include the vergeboard or bargeboard, a roof trim decorated with curvilinear patterns,(20) bay windows, a veranda and a steep roof supporting tall decorative chimneys.
An outstanding example of a period country house, this embodies a favoured local style with its use of stone, picturesque window treatments and the prettiest, wavy bargeboard detail.
351, with Juan Pablo Montoya fifth in his BMW Williams, and Fernando Alonso, who had lost a bargeboard off his Renault in the third run after hitting a kerb too hard, in sixth.
The houses are decorated with bargeboard trim, turrets, dormer windows, and the all-important porch, where Chautauquans read, socialize, and listen to the evening concerts in semiprivacy (Chautauqua is virtually mosquito-free, thanks to its large bat population).
Also, the almost lacy effect of the bargeboard detailing.
Works will include but not limited to: The replacement of existing fascias, soffits and bargeboard with new PVCu roofline products.
In this sort of price range, buyers expect some modern comforts and space with the usual dollop of architectural nostalgia -an Adam-style fireplace, maybe beams or a bargeboard.