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n. pl. bar·gel·los
1. A needlepoint stitch that produces zigzag lines.
2. A pattern similar to one created by this stitch.

[After the Bargello, a museum in Florence, Italy, which contains chairs upholstered in fabric worked in this stitch, the museum originally being the palace of the police prefect, from bargello, police prefect, of Lombard origin, from Langobardic Germanic *barigild, a kind of high official, of unknown origin.]


a needlepoint embroidery stitch producing a zigzag pattern


(bɑrˈdʒɛl oʊ)

needlepoint or a design done in straight stitches, esp. the needlepoint created by a classic stitch (Florentine stitch) worked in a zigzag pattern.
[1920–25; allegedly after a set of chairs with such embroidery in the Bargello, a museum in Florence]
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Noun1.bargello - needlepoint embroidery stitch that produces zigzag linesbargello - needlepoint embroidery stitch that produces zigzag lines
embroidery stitch, sewing stitch - a stitch made with thread and a threaded sewing needle through fabric or leather
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9) This is what happens during a visit to the Bargello, where the poet imagines that a sword kept there once belonged to some enigmatic knight, with eyes similar "a quelli che si sono smarriti nella tela del Tiziano, in quella tela del Cavalier nero dal Guanto, dell' Uomo dal guanto"/"to those who got lost in Titian's canvas, in that canvas of the black Knight with Glove, the Man with Glove" now at the Louvre (D'Annunzio, 1965: 331).
Wear bargello, a type of embroidery associated with the medieval city of Florence, on your feet
Extraordinary loans from Italy are part of the checklist, including the charming bust of a boy by Andrea from the Bargello (Fig.
6) Through all of these avenues, but perhaps especially the television series, Erica Wilson helped to revive several needlework traditions, such as bargello, crewelwork, and turkey work in the 1970s.
His chic, initialed Lucite trays in Acapulco and Bargello prints kick up the modern vibe.
Get 15 per cent off a twonight hotel stay at the five-star My Suite in Florence, close to Bargello Museum and Ponte Vecchio.
1-3), a nearly life-size sculpture depicting a young male nude from the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence, remained in the artist's studio when he left Florence for Rome in 1534 never to return.
And the Bargello, functioning as the National Museum in Florence, Italy since 1865-housing Gothic decorative arts, medals of the Medici family collection, Baroque jewels, and sculptures from the 14th through 17th centuries-was once a prison in a building dating back to 1255.
Eileen Eright's MORE TWIST-AND-TURN BARGELLO QUILTS (9781604682595, $24.
The Curators, Beatrice Paolozzi Strozzi of Florence's Bargello Museum of sculpture and Marc Bormand of the Louvre, recognise that the excitement of the period cannot be explained or described in simply artistic terms.
The price of PS499 pp (two sharing) includes flights (London), private transfers, accommodation with breakfast, tickets to the Uffizi, Accademia or Bargello galleries, guide notes and Kirker Concierge service.