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n. pl. bar·gel·los
1. A needlepoint stitch that produces zigzag lines.
2. A pattern similar to one created by this stitch.

[After the Bargello, a museum in Florence, Italy, which contains chairs upholstered in fabric worked in this stitch, the museum originally being the palace of the police prefect, from bargello, police prefect, of Lombard origin, from Langobardic Germanic *barigild, a kind of high official, of unknown origin.]
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a needlepoint embroidery stitch producing a zigzag pattern
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(bɑrˈdʒɛl oʊ)

needlepoint or a design done in straight stitches, esp. the needlepoint created by a classic stitch (Florentine stitch) worked in a zigzag pattern.
[1920–25; allegedly after a set of chairs with such embroidery in the Bargello, a museum in Florence]
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Noun1.bargello - needlepoint embroidery stitch that produces zigzag linesbargello - needlepoint embroidery stitch that produces zigzag lines
embroidery stitch, sewing stitch - a stitch made with thread and a threaded sewing needle through fabric or leather
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Crystal Prism appears to have blocks "floating" above the quilt, an illusion created with a gaggle of Flying Geese while Down the Rabbit Hole uses a bargello technique which makes the center of the quilt appear to recede.
Judith Steele's Strip-Pieced Bargello: Dynamic Quilts, Step by Step (9781604689860, $25.99) provides details on a quilting-by-number-like bargello technique, showing how to use straight strips to craft some amazing geometric forms.
A painting from Berlin, showing the Madonna with the Christ Child standing, is displayed opposite the Bargello's terracotta relief of the same subject.
Bargello quilts consist entirely of straight seams and rectangular pieces, yet create the mesmerizing optical illusion of graceful movement, waves, and curves!
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1545-48 from the Bargello, in Florence), an early painting (The Torment of St.
Wear bargello, a type of embroidery associated with the medieval city of Florence, on your feet!
Twenty-three chapters are: an afternoon in Florence; a flood and a chimera; immersed in the Bargello; a sense of place; the case of the Duccio Madonna; in the Met Caf<AEe>; princely collection; an artistic Education sentimale; lost in the Louvre; crowds and the power of art; heavin and hell in the Prado; Hieronymus Bosch and the hell of looking at art with other people; Titian and Vel<AEa>zquez; Las Meninas; Goya: an excursion; Rubens, Tiepolo, Goya again; Rotterdam: museums and their discontents; star-spotting at the Mauritshuis; where do you put it?; exploring the rainforests of Paris; hunting lions at the British Museum; lung in the great court; fragments.
(6) Through all of these avenues, but perhaps especially the television series, Erica Wilson helped to revive several needlework traditions, such as bargello, crewelwork, and turkey work in the 1970s.
His chic, initialed Lucite trays in Acapulco and Bargello prints kick up the modern vibe.