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intr.v. bar·hopped, bar·hop·ping, bar·hops Slang
To patronize a series of bars during an evening.


vb (intr)
to visit several bars in succession



v.i. -hopped, -hop•ping.
to go to a succession of bars or nightclubs, with a brief stay at each.
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In "The Conductor," the narrator struggles with his envy of the profound and edgy writing style of a fellow poet from Sarajevo--a direct result of the poet's wartime experiences--as the two barhop together.
Schweitzer is now taking a break from CU to run OR Peer and Txtbus full-time, while running yet another company, BarHop (see www.
One of the world's most exciting cities was at their feet, but the guys didn't know what to do except the usual--wander to Chelsea and barhop.