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An employee of a coffee shop who prepares and serves coffee or other beverages.

[Italian, bartender : bar, bar, café (from English bar; see bar1) + -ista, -ist (from Latin -ista, -istēs, from Greek -istēs, agent n. suff).]


(Professions) a person who makes and serves coffee in a coffee bar
[C20: Italian: literally, bartender]
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The Labour leader was highlighting the plight of the homeless by training as a barista.
MANAMA: A competition that focuses on promoting excellence in coffee making and the barista profession is being held today and tomorrow at the Seef Mall.
Summary: Introducing BARISTA, three coffees crafted for flavour harmony.
The pot prize is the largest in the history of barista competitions across the world.
Costa Coffee's 'Barista of the Year' competition not only highlights the franchise's presence in the Philippines, it is also the brand's most celebrated event as it showcases the creativity and skill of its talented baristas.
One Starbucks barista, in particular, Colorado-based Braden Burson, had a message for his social media followers.
The modules include Introduction to Coffee; Barista Skills; Brewing and Roasting.
The coffee industry serves up more than 400 million cups per day in America, and Exquisite Barista Services is expanding the marketplace.
Now Darja Krjukova is hoping her barista skills will impress the judges in the finals of a national competition focusing on all aspects of Italian cuisine in England.
Nine local secondary schools are using Mojo's custom built training facility at Shed 13, which turns out 300 trained baristas a year, to up-skill and prepare for a career in hospitality--starting with an accredited barista course.
Mars Drinks is bringing the barista to the workplace for the first time.
said the barista pointing to the chalkboard hanging above her - yes, it "Oh, you mean a long black?