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Noun1.baritone voice - the second lowest adult male singing voicebaritone voice - the second lowest adult male singing voice
singing voice - the musical quality of the voice while singing
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But now she said: "Go, Ludovic!" in a baritone voice. "Whoever can look upon that mother's grief without springing to her relief has a heart of stone." "Give me some thirty or--sixty cents, my love," said the Major.
He was known for his baritone voice and for making music on themes ranging from romance to social and political commentary.
He was known for his baritone voice and is credited with bringing ghazal singing to a worldwide audience.
Juancho Gabriel's performance of the song "Your Man" left the reactor from the Music Games News channel, which has 475,000 subscribers, in awe and commented that "it was surprising and it was different" as he praised Juancho's unique baritone voice.
Olumide, whose trademark is his baritone voice, performed Old Rugged Cross, while Kenneth rendered 'Come Christians Join to Sing' with a creative blend of several Halleluyah components.
From ballads to fast numbers, his versatility shone through, his distinctive, pitch perfect baritone voice ranging between tenor and bass seemed effortless.
Their distinctive rhythmic bass, with Paul Banks's bleak baritone voice, made Interpol arguably the coolest members of the New York post-punk revival 20 years ago.
The entire programme was seamlessly anchored by Kishor Gohil in his rich baritone voice, as he kept the audience thoroughly captivated by his inspiring stories, each of which culminated in a topical song related to the narration.
His baritone voice brought to us news from six Asian Games, and equal number of hockey world cups.
Pianist Richelle Rivera, PWU music dean, played the piece, while Marvin Gayramon sang it in a clear, baritone voice. Rivera played with elan, singing her tones, and brought out the quite ambiance of the piece.
Thomas writes quite knowledgeably for the baritone voice, giving opportunities for beautiful color in the upper register, running the gamut from full voce di testa to falsetto.