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 (bär′kē′pər) also bar·keep (-kēp′)
1. A person who owns or operates a bar for the sale of alcoholic beverages.
2. See bartender.


informal a barkeeper
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Noun1.barkeep - an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a barbarkeep - an employee who mixes and serves alcoholic drinks at a bar
barmaid - a female bartender
employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job
publican, tavern keeper - the keeper of a public house


n (US) → Barbesitzer(in) m(f), → Gastwirt m; (= bartender)Barkeeper m, → Barmann m
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And so, aside from the pleasing addition of Tyne Daly as Phyllis (the sister of dearly departed Phil, she's now the barkeep of the show's watering hole) and a surprisingly lazy caricature in the form of Pat Patel (Nik Dodani), who is "Murphy in the Morning's" obnoxiously millennial techie and social-network producer (why can't Avery shoulder some of Pat's cheap, generational stereotypes -- if there need to be any at all?), things proceed as if "Murphy Brown" had never gone off the air.
BARKEEP'S FAVE: Miami vice (half pina colada, half strawberry Daiquiri)
That was in Despicable Me 3 , of course, a kids' cartoon which also includes little Agnes interrogating a barkeep who runs 'The Tipsy Unicorn' and may have intel on actual fluffy unicorns ("My little brain is about to explode!"); grumpy hero Gru -- now reunited with twin brother Dru -- complaining in his Dr Evil accent of having been "keecked to the carb"; frequent mention of Freedonia, which of course was Rufus T Firefly's domain in Duck Soup ; plus a former-80s-child-star-turned-supervillain challenging Gru to a "dance fight" to the strains of 'Sussudio'.
The barkeep's dour response: "We stock two vodkas, and in my opinion, that's two too many."
Mary May: She's a barkeep at the local watering hole, and her entire family has been under constant threat by a cult called Eden's Gate.
Among them are NBS-TV's first Vietnamese-American correspondent who chronicles the fateful events of April, the hard-hitting Sam Esposito of The Washington Legend who infuriated Richard Nixon, an American businessman who risked his life to smuggle out his employees; a French expatriate barkeep who is hanging on the last vestiges of colonialism, as well as the disillusioned Ambassador Graham Martin, CIA operatives, spies and double agents.
And it's really a meet-cute romance more than a deep love story as the two basically flirt and date on a ship where their only other companion is the robot barkeep Arthur (notably played with aplomb by Michael Sheen).
When his tenure as barkeep came to an end, Marcus printed the pattern onto additional shirts that he subsequently wore on a daily basis as a kind of artist's uniform.
One can observe him, the graying barkeep, as he sets the lunch table
Shooting three of them in the leg (thereby giving them actual wounded knees) he proceeded to calmly take out the barkeep, before heading for a showdown with the butcher of Laverne and his wife Peggy down at the lake.