barking deer

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bark·ing deer


[From the sound of its call.]
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barking deer

(Animals) another name for muntjac
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or munt•jak

(ˈmʌnt dʒæk)

any of various small deer of the genus Muntiacus, of S and SE Asia, that have a doglike bark: the males have long, tusklike canine teeth.
Also called barking deer .
[1790–1800; (< Dutch) < Sundanese mənyčək small jungle deer]
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Noun1.barking deer - small Asian deer with small antlers and a cry like a barkbarking deer - small Asian deer with small antlers and a cry like a bark
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
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According to the notification, zebras, nilgai, hog deer, barking deer, urial and blackbuck will be fed green fodder at 9am and grams at 12pm.
Responding to another question, he said it was important to understand that humans had steadily over the last half century invaded the natural habitat of the leopard, barking deer, monkey, wild boar, pangolin, hedgehogs and beautiful pheasants.
In recent months, Islamabad wildlife board has amplified efforts against illegal wildlife trade, both offline and online, due to increased hunting of barking deer, rare parrots, foxes, monkeys and wild boars at MHNP where the board has imposed heavy fines of sum Rs10,000 to Rs40,000 on violators.
At present, he said IWMB was working on the conservation of barking dears and regulation of wild boars, adding according to past year's data and various images of cameras installed at different locations of the national park showed healthy number of barking deer reaching to 65 in total.
The national park was setup to provide refuge to the grey goral, barking deer and the leopard, as well as the rhesus monkeys, jackals, wild boars, porcupine, mongoose and the pangolin or scaly anteater.
Conducted by researchers Dr Ali Nawaz and his team, saw the Barking Deer, the common leopard, grey wolf, leopard cat, golden jackal, Mongoose, the Indian civet, jungle cat, porcupines, and Wild Boars in abundant quantity in the natural park.
The hills, riverine belts, marshy depressions, and grasslands are home to charismatic mammals such as the Asiatic elephant, leopard, hog deer, barking deer, and yellow-throated marten in addition to the tigers and highly diverse avian life.
Before that, a pregnant barking deer and a Komodo dragon, a vulnerable species, were discovered dead on the same February day.
These include two primates (Himalayan rhesus monkey, hanuman grey langur); eight (8) Chiropetra (Indian false vampire bat, fulvous fruit bat, Himalayan pipistrelle, lesser horseshoe bat, common bent-wing bat, dark whiskered bat, Pallas's tube-nosed bat, Torresian tube-nosed bat or northern tube-nosed bat, Gilgit tube-nosed bat, and horseshoe bat); seven (7) carnivores (golden jackal, common leopard, Asiatic black bear, jungle cat, stoat or ermine, Himalayan palm civit and yellow-throated martin); and 12 rodents (Himalayan field mouse, house mouse, roof rat or house rat, Eurasian pygmy shrew, Turkestan rat, Indian mole rat, short-tailed mole rat, small Kashmir flying squirrel, Royle's high mountain vole; and one artiodactyle (barking deer) species.
The eco-fragile extent of the Kitam bird sanctuary, harbouring common leopard, barking deer, Chinese pangolin, Indian peafowl, great hill barbet and Indian pied hornbill, among others, has also been confined to mere 25 m.
The forest is replete with barking deer, spotted and hog deer, sambhar, hyenas, leopards, monkeys and flying squirrels.