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Noun1.barosaurus - a dinosaur that could grow to be as tall as a building five stories tallbarosaurus - a dinosaur that could grow to be as tall as a building five stories tall
sauropod, sauropod dinosaur - very large herbivorous dinosaur of the Jurassic and Cretaceous having a small head a long neck and tail and five-toed limbs; largest known land animal
genus Barosaurus - huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur; late Jurassic
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A That would probably be "Gordo," the largest Barosaurus on display in Canada.
And no ordinary skeleton--it turned out to be an impressive 90-foot-long Barosaurus, a Brontosaurus-like sauropod from the Jurassic period.
I wish I could say that we designed the placement of the Barosaurus in response to the angularity of the Lee-Chin Crystal--it creates such a wonderful architectural dialogue in the building--but that would only be partially true.
Illuminated at night, the whimsical dinosaurs flank the Central Park West staircase and echo the Barosaurus mount in the Roosevelt Rotunda.
As home to the skeleton of a large Barosaurus, with its long tail flowing to the second floor ceiling in an are, it works brilliantly.
Shortly after joining the ROM in 2007, Evans made a name for himself by discovering in the ROM's palaeontology storage an almost complete skeleton of the gigantic sauropod Barosaurus.
The solidly quadrupedal stance of the later giant sauropods, such as Gordo, the ROM's Barosaurus, and the massive Futalognkosaurus, which will be on display during the Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition, mirrored the baby proportions of their forebears, an evolutionary phenomenon known as paedomorphosis--adults retaining juvenile traits.