barracks bag

bar·racks bag

A cloth bag, usually with a drawstring, for the storage of clothing or laundry.
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For those of you sheltered youngsters who never heard of a barracks bag cut, let me explain.
Right before his plane takes off for the combat jump into Sicily (Operation Husky), a man appears at the door with a full barracks bag, explaining that it contains the proper paperwork for processing prisoners of war.
Though there is much about mundane things such as the contents of a rucksack versus the "A" Barracks Bag, the narrative moves along like an exciting adventure thriller.
So with a change of clothes inside his CCC barracks bag, a bit of money, and no particular plan, Dad hitched a ride on a U.
He just picked up his barracks bag and walked home.
Wynne responds, "I carried my barracks bag on one shoulder, my rolled-up cot on my other shoulder, and my rifle in my hands.
Each cot had room for the A and B barracks bags, a field pack, and a rifle--there was barely enough room left for a man to sit down, let alone stretch out.