barracks bag

bar·racks bag

A cloth bag, usually with a drawstring, for the storage of clothing or laundry.
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I am not very good at finding walnut that matches the color and grain pattern of European walnut stocks so the method I chose was to do what is known as a "barracks bag cut".
Right before his plane takes off for the combat jump into Sicily (Operation Husky), a man appears at the door with a full barracks bag, explaining that it contains the proper paperwork for processing prisoners of war.
Though there is much about mundane things such as the contents of a rucksack versus the "A" Barracks Bag, the narrative moves along like an exciting adventure thriller.
So with a change of clothes inside his CCC barracks bag, a bit of money, and no particular plan, Dad hitched a ride on a U.S.
Still a good thought but, as usual, I have been sidetracked by some of the work I've seen that was put into those "Barracks Bag Specials."
He just picked up his barracks bag and walked home.
I had enough trouble just keeping my gun dry." Wynne responds, "I carried my barracks bag on one shoulder, my rolled-up cot on my other shoulder, and my rifle in my hands.
We wore the same fatigues as the British (though in town we wore our American dress uniforms that were packed away in barracks bags), and we ate British food and drank their tea.
Each cot had room for the A and B barracks bags, a field pack, and a rifle--there was barely enough room left for a man to sit down, let alone stretch out.
Responding to our training, we shouldered our packs, filled our barracks bags with extra blanket and uniform, drew our weapons and ammunition, and ran to the motor pool.