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n. pl. barramundi or bar·ra·mun·dis
A catadromous food and game fish (Lates calcarifer) found from the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific. It is an important commercial species in Australia.

[Probably of Aboriginal origin.]


n, pl -dis, -dies or -di
(Animals) any of several large edible Australian fishes esp the percoid species Lates calcarifer (family Centropomidae) of NE coastal waters or the freshwater species Scleropages leichardti (family Osteoglossidae) of Queensland
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Noun1.barramundi - a species of large perch noted for its sporting and eating qualities; lives in marine, estuary, and freshwater habitats
genus Lates, Lates - a genus of large percoid fishes of fresh and brackish water
fish species - a species of fish
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At the day- long session, barramundi, prawn and other premium seafood products provenance were identified as areas of significant importance to the Australian seafood industry and consumers.
Native to Australia, barramundi possess several of the top characteristics of North America's most sought-after sportfish: Ravenous as a post-spawn bass, powerful as a snook, acrobatic as a tarpon.
Also presented at a recent luncheon were tasting portions of Deep-Fried Boneless Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Chili, Deep-Fried Pork Rib with Honey Sauce, and Steamed Barramundi with Jiang Zheng Sauce.
All varieties of hamour, nagroor, naizer, red snapper, rabeeb fish, many varieties of prawns, mullan fish, parrot fish, sea bass, oyster, mullet fish, barramundi, fresh clams, coffer and many more fish variants are available at all LuLu outlets during this festival.
The company are initially looking at producing around 750 tonnes per annum of barramundi, rising to 1,500 tonnes in the next stage, Rumaitha al Busaidi, Aquaculture Specialist, was quoted as saying in an Oman Daily Observer report.
On a day out fishing for Barramundi in The Kimberley, Western Australia we spotted this massive Crocodile drag a cow down the river bank," the user wrote.
Students in Transition used aquaponics to create a small scale barramundi farm.
Part of a hearty species that's roughly the size of coho salmon and has flesh the flavor of red snapper, the Nelsons' barramundi start their lives in their native Australia.
Talking about the details of the competition, there would be in total 101 tagged Barramundi which will be released across various locations in the Northern Territory.
The building was previously occupied by Barramundi, and before that, the original Burger Barn, owned by Glen and Inez Rupe.
Ciprian added: "We'll also have Barramundi fish and scallops, native Damper bread and Aussiestyle BBQ sauce and Kakadu plum sauce.
Among the new signature dishes are pan-seared barramundi, braised Wagyu cheeks, oven roasted Welsh lamb rack, pan roasted breast of corn fed chicken, and langoustine risotto.