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also bar·ra·ter  (băr′ə-tər)
One who engages in barratry.

[Middle English baratour, from Old French barateour, swindler, from barater, to cheat, perhaps from Vulgar Latin *prattāre, from Greek prāttein, to do.]
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Noun1.barrater - someone guilty of barratry
offender, wrongdoer - a person who transgresses moral or civil law
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Questionnaire barrater is calculated through keronbakh coefficient and Spss soft ware and after this calculation we reach to.
Guido sees Malacoda' s action as symbolically indicating how barraters should be reprehended.
In other words, according to Benvenuto and Castelveltro, Malacoda wordlessly reprehends the barraters, an attitude that all right-thinking people should take.