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n.1.(Engin.) A coupling pin. See under Coupling.
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Ajustlock, the world's first adjustable barrel bolt lock, is to be rolled out across the Gulf soon.
Take-down is exceedingly easy, and is accomplished by unscrewing the barrel bolt, and releasing the slide forward off the frame.
Each one has a different latch:a barrel bolt, a window sash lock, and a deadbolt from a door.
Tenders are invited for Bcnhl Wagon Two Part Sliding Door Guide Bracket For Barrel Bolt M.
Tenders are invited for Barrel Bolt Long As Per Drg No.
Tenders are invited for Barrel Bolt Nickil Coated Complete Set Size- 10 Inch Length, Dia- 15Mm With Three Clamp, One Kunda And Eight Nos Nickling Nut, Is:281:73
Tenders are invited for Quotations In E-Mode Are Invited For Supply Of Barrel Bolt 3 Types For Acemu At Beml Ltd.
Tenders are invited for Stopper For Barrel Bolt As Per Drg No.