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(French barɛs)
(Biography) Maurice (mɔris). 1862–1923, French novelist, essayist, and politician: a fervent nationalist and individualist



Maurice, 1862–1923, French novelist, politician, and political writer.
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Sont tour a tour evoquees les positions de Romain Rolland, partisan d'une comprehension entre les deux peuples; de Barres, et ses relations a l'Allemagne a travers UAppel au soldat et Colette Baudoche; de Maurras, qui, influence par Fustel de Coulanges, est persuade que la pensee latine prevaut sur celle du Nord; de Peguy, a nouveau a l'honneur; et pour finir de Psichari, faisant l'apologie de la guerre dans son Appel des armes.
GREENWICH, CT -- Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts has acquired an important mobile by Alexander Calder, entitled, "Les trios barres," (The Three Bars).
She installed fans and ballet barres in her classroom studio, and dressed her kids in leotards, tights, and ballet shoes.
Chapter IV, examining the emotional interdependence and mutual reinforcement of inspiration shown in Noailles's relationship with Maurice Barres, is the only one in which biographical detail is central: Perry shows the effects on Barres's works as well as on Noailles's The conclusion, focusing on Les Vivants et les morts (1913), makes an excellent case for the simplicity and restraint of this collection, read as a definitive disabused contemplation of life.
So is this statement by Ben Barres, a female-to-male gender crosser and professor of neurorobiology and developmental biology at Stanford (yeah: the more eminent the university, the more relaxed it is about gender change: Roughgarden and Barres are not the only two at Stanford; and guess which provost helped them?
Rock femme fatale Pamela Des Barres has been seen in the company of Steve Olson.
From the beginning, the architects worked closely with their professional clients to work out proportions and details (like the specially designed studio barres, in section shaped like an inverted egg to make them easier to grasp correctly).
Barres was wide with the angled conversion - then in the dramatic finale, couldn't snap up the kick that would have created the biggest shock in the history of the tournament.
Barres went to Paris to study law but instead turned to literature, publishing essays critical of the historians Hippolyte Taine and Ernest Renan, the spiritual mentors of his day.
The political outlook of the radical Right was most eloquently articulated by the literary figure and political activist, Maurice Barres, who rejected the Jacobin idea of French national identity as molded by the ideological legacy of the Revolution.
Writers such as Wedekind, Barres, Kipling, Mann, Joyce thematized adolescence beginning about 1890.