barrier strip

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Noun1.barrier strip - a junction unit for connecting 2 cables without the need for plugs
junction, conjunction - something that joins or connects
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the project will be replaced in the central reservation barrier strip d5 in 0-28 km off bridges in this section for the barrier to higher levels of retention.
The unit also features a monitor port using a barrier strip on the bottom panel of the unit to allows position feedback for the “B” position via short or closed circuit on 2 screw terminals mounted next to the RJ45 ports.
A comparative evaluation of the barrier strip strength could be obtained starting from the stresses which occur in the elastic domain as well as from the ultimate elastic and plastic bending moments.
introduced its custom EMI filtered barrier strip terminal block with pre-bent leads that allow for easy installation on printed circuit boards (PCBs).
recently designed a custom electromagnetic interference (EMI) filtered barrier strip terminal block with pre-bent leads to allow for easier and faster installation on printed circuit boards (PCBs), as PCBs are parallel to the housing bottom of the block.
New additions include RoHS information and content on recently introduced barrier strip products.
allowing the fluid barrier strip and the extending strip to be wrapped around itself into a roll, placing pressure on the pressure sensitive adhesive.
Finally, pH developed a periodic relationship with distance in the contour grass barrier strip treatments, as a result of translocation of soil calcium from the upper to lower portion of the terrace, and concomitant incorporation of acidic subsoil into the surface soil in the upper portion of the terrace.