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 (bär′tĭ-zən, bär′tĭ-zăn′)
A small, overhanging turret on a wall or tower.

[Alteration of bratticing, timberwork, from brattice.]

bar′ti·zaned adj.


(ˈbɑːtɪzən; ˌbɑːtɪˈzæn)
(Fortifications) a small turret projecting from a wall, parapet, or tower
[C19: variant of bertisene, erroneously for bretising, from bretasce parapet; see brattice]
bartizaned adj


(ˈbɑr tə zən, ˌbɑr təˈzæn)

a small overhanging turret on a wall or tower.
[1325–75; Middle English. See brattice]
bar′ti•zaned, adj.
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The single window opened upon an embattled space surmounting the turret, which gave Rebecca, at first sight, some hopes of escaping; but she soon found it had no communication with any other part of the battlements, being an isolated bartisan, or balcony, secured, as usual, by a parapet, with embrasures, at which a few archers might be stationed for defending the turret, and flanking with their shot the wall of the castle on that side.
As she spoke, she threw open the latticed window which led to the bartisan, and in an instant after, stood on the very verge of the parapet, with not the slightest screen between her and the tremendous depth below.