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 (bär′tĭ-zən, bär′tĭ-zăn′)
A small, overhanging turret on a wall or tower.

[Alteration of bratticing, timberwork, from brattice.]

bar′ti·zaned adj.


(ˈbɑːtɪzən; ˌbɑːtɪˈzæn)
(Fortifications) a small turret projecting from a wall, parapet, or tower
[C19: variant of bertisene, erroneously for bretising, from bretasce parapet; see brattice]
bartizaned adj


(ˈbɑr tə zən, ˌbɑr təˈzæn)

a small overhanging turret on a wall or tower.
[1325–75; Middle English. See brattice]
bar′ti•zaned, adj.
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Closely resembling its counterpart in Arzila, the three-storey keep was crowned with a battlemented platform and corner bartizans (matacaes).
Significantly, then, as "The heavy yet hasty step of the men-at-arms traversed the battlements, or resounded on the narrow and winding passages and stairs which led to the various bartizans and points of defence" (p.
A wooden hoarding supported on ashlar quoins ran part of the length of the wall "above the stables", and one or more brickwork bartizans (guaritas) controlled the edge of the terrace, on the side facing the arraial.