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Variant of barite.


(Minerals) a colourless or white mineral consisting of barium sulphate in orthorhombic crystalline form, occurring in sedimentary rocks and with sulphide ores: a source of barium. Formula: BaSO4. Also called: barite (esp US and Canadian) or heavy spar
[C18: from Greek barus heavy + -itēs -ite1]


(ˈbɛər aɪt, ˈbær-)

a mineral, barium sulfate, BaSO4, occurring in white, yellow, or colorless tabular crystals: the principal ore of barium.
[1780–90; bar (ytes) + -ite1]
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Noun1.barytes - a white or colorless mineral (BaSO4); the main source of barium
atomic number 56, Ba, barium - a soft silvery metallic element of the alkali earth group; found in barite
mineral - solid homogeneous inorganic substances occurring in nature having a definite chemical composition
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chromite, barytes, sulphur, marble, iron ore, quartzite, limestone and coal.
India produces significant quantities of many minerals including barytes, lignite, iron ore, bauxite, manganese, and zinc but coal is the most important.
Minerals covered will include calcium carbonates, kaolins, talcs, micas, barytes, aluminum trihydrates and other fillers.
Some of the major products manufactured by the company are silica flour, Frac sand and proppant, silica sand, filter media products (sand, gravel and anthracite), oil-well drilling products, potassium chloride, industrial salt, barytes, calcium chloride, talc powder, calcium carbonate, bentonite, hematite, polybilt, waterproofing and coating products, insulation and industrial gasket products, and coloring master batches.
Metal concentration in soils, ponds and associated food crops in Azara derelict barytes mining area in Nigeria.
GN1364 Sulpuret of copper GN1127 Digdeguash Sulphate of barytes GN1072 Chance Harbour Serpentine GN 1093 Musquash Spirifers and other Near Ocnabog Lake shells GN1400 Black oxide of Quaco manganese GN1007 Part of a large Grindstone Island fossil tree GN1551 Bitumea GN Westmorland Coal GN 722?
Barytes is a grey powder, having a specific gravity of about 4.
Beattie JA, Haldane A D (1958) The occurrence of palygorskite and barytes in certain parna soils of the Murrumbidgee region, New South Wales.
Nevertheless, the company managed to continue selling barytes, which provided for (provisional unaudited) revenues and EBIDTA of INR178.
About a mile above, a second outcrop of mineral was located which was found to be lead and copper in barytes gangue.