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A bowed string instrument of the 18th century, similar to the bass viol, but having sympathetic strings on the rear of the fingerboard.


(Instruments) a bass viol with sympathetic strings as well as its six main strings
[C18: from French: baritone]


(ˈbær ɪˌtɒn)

an 18th-century stringed instrument with six bowed strings and several additional strings that vibrate sympathetically.
[< French; see baritone]
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EC peine 36 ans, David Serero, un baryton marocain a la voix sublime, a reussi a s'illustrer dans les beaux cieux selects de l'Opera sur les deux rives de l'Atlantique et bien au-dela, apportant avec lui une brise de modernisation et de jovialite a cet art, sur fond de fierte inebranlable de ses origines marocaines.
At Wexford, he's singing a role played by a tenor at the Opera-Comique in Paris, where the production originated; and it's no surprise that his dream role is that pinnacle of the baryton Martin repertoire, Pelleas.
beaucoup plus grand que] De leur cote, les artistes etrangers, comme la soprano Gabriella Balgova, le chanteur lyrique Pierre Emmanuel Roubet, le baryton Marc Souchet, la soprano Avougan, le baryton Fernandez Cardenas, le baryton basse Olivier Tousis et le scenographe d'opera Christophe T'suelle, n'ont pas manque d'afficher leur agreable surprise de voir le public algerien apprecier autant leur prestation.
La fanfare accompagne, par exemple, les defiles des deux principaux partis politiques lors des elections de juin, ou un baryton chante quelques airs lors d'une causerie au club Kiwanls.
It is speculated that Tamburini may have had the voice of a baryton martin (French baritone).
A history of the baryton and its music; king of instruments, instrument of kings.
Many of his sacred works, including all 12 masses, will be performed in the town's churches and Haydn lovers will also be able to hear much of the composer's vast output of chamber music, including a special series of concerts dedicated to his piano trios, baryton trios and string trios.
Set against this, his 103 string quartets, the 175 (at least) works he composed for the obscure baryton instrument so beloved of his aristocratic employer, the 24 operas and so much else besides and you get a picture of the industriousness of the man.
The highlight of the festival will be the performance by the Hauschka Ensemble, on April 29 at 1pm, with Jeremy Brooker, the only player in the world to specialise in playing the baryton, an instrument Haydn wrote nearly 200 works for, and Roland Hutchison, an American virtuoso specially flying in for the performance.
Among the 200 items there are 157 pieces for solo lute in a variety of tunings, three lute duets, 11 pieces for baryton, three pieces for viol or baryton, and 13 pieces for keyboard (two of which are intabulations of German Lieder with parts for two voices and a bass).
Des voix amples et puissantes comme celle du baryton Marc Souchet, des sopranos, la Hongroise Gabriela Balgova et Fe Avouglan du Burkina Fasso.
Trios for the baryton (an exotic cello-based instrument with an extra set of strings vibrating in sympathy with the bowed ones) and more conventional strings by Haydn and Tomasini are on offer at 1pm, while the Salomon String Quartet plays works by Haydn and Mozart tonight (7.