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A catfish (Pangasius bocourti) native to Southeast Asia, often cultivated in fish farms for food. Also called pangasius.

[Vietnamese (cá) ba sa : , fish + ba sa, probably of Tai origin (ba, perhaps akin to Lao , fish).]
References in classic literature ?
When thus opposed he continually rolle his head from side to side, in a very odd manner, as if th power of distinct vision lay only in the anterior and basa part of each eye.
The episode kicks off with a bit of Cohen@Mushon's song "Basa," which has the refrain eize basa, or "what a bummer.
La homeopatia se basa en el principio de "semejante cura lo semejante" compatible con la capacidad inherente del cuerpo para curarse a si mismo.
La modificacion del articulo 27, para permitir que extranjeros puedan comprar playas, se basa, palabra por palabra, en el espiritu de Emiliano Zapata: "La arena es de quien se asolea en ella".
Basa Las Palmas expects to develop the project next year.
Tilapia and basa are available in fillets with a similar taste and texture to cod and they are from sustainable sources.
The BASA statement was made in response to criticism by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan who said on Wednesday in his budget address that the charges banks imposed on their customers were too elevated.
Cumbrian Seafoods lost [pounds sterling] 11m of business after basa supplied by the company was pulled from shelves last year, The Grocer can reveal.
The BASA Executive Agreement was signed by the FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt and the Secretary of Ministry of Civil Aviation for India, Dr.
Florent Balmont is out amd Marko Basa and Aurelien Chedjou are doubtful.