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A catfish (Pangasius bocourti) native to Southeast Asia, often cultivated in fish farms for food. Also called pangasius.

[Vietnamese (cá) ba sa : , fish + ba sa, probably of Tai origin (ba, perhaps akin to Lao , fish).]
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When thus opposed he continually rolle his head from side to side, in a very odd manner, as if th power of distinct vision lay only in the anterior and basa part of each eye.
Reviewing the BASA may involve a lot of diplomatic technicalities and languages, but reviewing all the Commercial Agreements with foreign airlines especially those that are given multiple frequencies, landings and destinations outside the BASAs, are within the competence of the power of the ministry and that of the minister.
Basa made the comments on ongoing privatisation at state-owned enterprises (SOEs), which has not seen the private sector being involved significantly.
As per the constitution of the BASA the newly formed executive committee will select its president at its first meeting, the release added.
A second panel discussion featured members of BCF and BASA including U-POL, Centre Colours, Jotun Paints, FSi, Hodgson Sealants and BASF.
Lorna Williams, secretary of BASA said: "For BCF and BASA members, Brexit is hugely important, given the effects it could have on the UK industry as well as the global reach of trade.
Our preliminary study shows that Basa meat contained high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and that it is very susceptible to oxidation.
The episode kicks off with a bit of Cohen@Mushon's song "Basa," which has the refrain eize basa, or "what a bummer." (The accompanying music video, with its scenes of partying youth, doesn't seem to be much of a bummer at all.) Another song used in the episode is Ha-Dag Nachash's "Lazuz," which gives us mevo'as, another word for feeling bummed or annoyed, as in ze lo meshane she-chavera shelcha mevo'eset, meaining "it doesn't make a difference that your girlfriend is bummed."
'Basa cikma' bireyin kendisi icin stres olusturan olay ya da etkenlere karsi direnmesi ve bu durumlara karsi dayanma amaciyla gosterdigi bilissel, duygusal ve davranissal tepkilerin tumu olarak tanimlanabilir.
Basa Las Palmas expects to develop the project next year.
In addition to tuna steak, one of the UK's favourite fish, the product range also incorporates two relatively new white fish in the UK market, tilapia and basa. Tilapia and basa are available in fillets with a similar taste and texture to cod and they are from sustainable sources.