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Noun1.basal temperature - body temperature in the morning before rising or moving about or eating anythingbasal temperature - body temperature in the morning before rising or moving about or eating anything
blood heat, body temperature - temperature of the body; normally 98.6 F or 37 C in humans; usually measured to obtain a quick evaluation of a person's health
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ST = [(TM + Tm)/2]--Tb, where: ST = Thermal sum ([degrees] C); TM = daily mean maximum temperature ([degrees] C); Tm = daily mean minimum temperature ([degrees] C); Tb = minimum basal temperature for the plant ([degrees] C).
The makers say it gives insights into a woman's cycle previously only available in a clinic setting, while avoiding the hassle and mess of other fertility trackers, such as ovulation strips and basal temperature monitors.
in which: DD: daily value of the degrees day; TM: maximum temperature; Tm: minimum temperature, TB: maximum basal temperature; and Tb: minimum basal temperature; considering the minimum basal temperature of 10[degrees]C and the maximum, 36 [degrees]C (Neves et al.
(2013), is the most recommended for simulations, especially in climate change scenarios that project higher increments in air temperature, because this methodology uses upper and lower basal temperatures and considers a higher penalty for days in which the maximum temperature exceeds the basal temperature.
As the Bat Chamber falls below freezing during the winter months, further studies are needed to assess basal temperature and torpor use of bats in Walk-in Cave to investigate what additional energetic expense the bats incur to remain above ambient temperature during periods below freezing, or what benefit they may have as a result of a lower basal temperature (slower metabolic rate) than bats farther south.
The basal temperature was recorded for each mouse, its temperature one hour following oral treatment and after 10 min of being exposed to an open field (placed in a large open body with three 60W lights suspended from above) stress session.
Ovulation prediction kits can be bought from chemists and women can also measure their basal temperature every day for a month.
They give us the formula for what they claim to be the simplest, least expensive and most accurate way to evaluate thyroid function: monitoring your basal temperature. Chapters on cleansing, detoxification and reducing stress are also included.
A hormone in the female menstrual cycle called progesterone causes the basal temperature to rise by about one-half of a degree Fahrenheit.
Starr points out that the basal temperature test for hypothyroidism is "not infallible"--for example, someone might be hypothyroid but have a near-normal basal temperature, suggesting that the higher-than-expected temperature readings may be due to chronic inflammation in the lungs or elsewhere.