BASE jump

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BASE jump

also base jump  (bās)
A parachute jump from a high structure or a precipitous earth formation.

[b(uilding) + a(ntenna tower) + s(pan) + e(arth) + jump.]

BASE′-jump′ v.
BASE jumper n.
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Some of the recent notable BASE jumps are: a citizen of Chile Ramon Rojas broke the record of the highest BASE jump of about 4,100 meters.
Mr Haggarty had taken part in base jumps across the world including Monte Brento in Italy in 2016 plus Norway's Sandnes and Launterbrunnen in Switzerland.
And, at the uppermost level, the tower flares out to offer a series of ice pick climbs for the more experience climbers - with the three peaks set to be used as platforms for both wire assisted free-falls and base jumps, the report added.
Muscat: Extreme sports athlete Graham Dickinson, who has made 1,000 base Jumps all over the world, made a 2 minute 19 seconds daring jump from Al Hajar mountain cliff in Oman named "Threat Level Midnight."
THRILL SEEKER Dean base jumps off a canyon in China in a wingsuit in 2012
"With a jump height of 400 metres, Dream Jump Dubai will break all barriers of rope jumping and enable people to experience base jumps against one of the most iconic skylines in the world," he added.
"Dream Jump Dubai will break all boundaries of rope jumping as we know it and it will enable athletes to experience base jumps ...
Martin recently made even more of a name for himself, performing 11 base jumps in four days in the Norwegian fjords.
Man base jumps off Beirut Four Seasons Hotel You read it right- a guy jumps off a hotel balcony and lands on the street, nearly taking out an pedestrian in the process.
"As base jumps go, Angel Falls could be done fairly safely, though I did think the landing area was a bit tight in the jungle.

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