base line

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or base line  (bās′līn′)
a. A line serving as a basis, as for measurement, calculation, or location.
b. Something, such as a set of data, used as a basis for comparison or as a control in a study: took x-rays as a baseline for observing later arthritis.
c. A starting point: Interviews with students provided the baseline of our project.
2. Baseball The base path.
3. Sports
a. The boundary line at either end of a court, as in basketball or tennis.
b. The area near this boundary line: made a basket from the baseline.
c. A style of play in tennis in which the player remains near the baseline and rarely approaches the net.

base line

1. (surveying) A surveyed line established with more than usual care, to which surveys are referred for coordination and correlation.
2. (photogrammetry) The line between the principal points of two consecutive vertical air photographs. It is usually measured on one photograph after the principal point of the other has been transferred.
3. (radio navigation systems) The shorter arc of the great circle joining two radio transmitting stations of a navigation system.
4. (triangulation) The side of one of a series of coordinated triangles the length of which is measured with prescribed accuracy and precision and from which lengths of the other triangle sides are obtained by computation.
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The hamlet's front was washed by the clear waters of the great river; its body stretched itself rearward up a gentle incline; its most rearward border fringed itself out and scattered its houses about its base line of the hills; the hills rose high, enclosing the town in a half-moon curve, clothed with forests from foot to summit.
Tenders are invited for expression of interest by prospective bidders forenviornmental base line data generation
Auto-Dry is a freeze drying optimization package that generates a base line protocol based upon user input of product information.
Chidambaram on Tuesday said that Centre has been able to construct a base line of the capacity and preparedness of the police in each State based on the responses to the questionnaire circulated ahead of the recent Chief Ministers' conference.
Post-hoc paired t-tests showed that the significant effect was attributable to an improvement from base line to week 6 and that effect was maintained at week 12.
Balls were falling everywhere -- third base line, first base line.
A first cuff element is attached to the hygiene article along a first cuff base line travelling longitudinally proximate to a first longitudinal side of the article.
The Base Line report reviews a wide range of data about housing need and housing markets and considers important issues which will drive changes in to the future.
The regulators also eliminate GC detector base line issues.

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