base line

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or base line  (bās′līn′)
a. A line serving as a basis, as for measurement, calculation, or location.
b. Something, such as a set of data, used as a basis for comparison or as a control in a study: took x-rays as a baseline for observing later arthritis.
c. A starting point: Interviews with students provided the baseline of our project.
2. Baseball The base path.
3. Sports
a. The boundary line at either end of a court, as in basketball or tennis.
b. The area near this boundary line: made a basket from the baseline.
c. A style of play in tennis in which the player remains near the baseline and rarely approaches the net.
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base line

1. (surveying) A surveyed line established with more than usual care, to which surveys are referred for coordination and correlation.
2. (photogrammetry) The line between the principal points of two consecutive vertical air photographs. It is usually measured on one photograph after the principal point of the other has been transferred.
3. (radio navigation systems) The shorter arc of the great circle joining two radio transmitting stations of a navigation system.
4. (triangulation) The side of one of a series of coordinated triangles the length of which is measured with prescribed accuracy and precision and from which lengths of the other triangle sides are obtained by computation.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
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The hamlet's front was washed by the clear waters of the great river; its body stretched itself rearward up a gentle incline; its most rearward border fringed itself out and scattered its houses about its base line of the hills; the hills rose high, enclosing the town in a half-moon curve, clothed with forests from foot to summit.
All data was collected to establish base line environmental conditions for the environmental impacts in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
On a tip-off, the police team conducted a raid at a fake security agency situated at Base Line and arrested two swindlers Sheikh Owais and Arshad Bhatti.
Each spoke piece has a tread connecting portion, a hub connecting portion, and a spoke curved portion between the tread and hub connecting portions, each spoke piece has straight radial length LSb of at least 1.05 times straight radial length LSa and curved radial length LLb of at least 1.03 times LSb when positioned at 0[degrees] on coordinate around the tire axis where a perpendicular line extending vertically upward from the tire axis is set 0[degrees], LSb is measured along the base line under base-load condition, LSa is measured along the base line under no-load condition, and LLb is measured along a curve of each spoke piece under the base-load condition.
The cost of full restoration would be in the region of PS250,000 as a base line figure and the question arises: who is going to commit that sort of money?
These include the Base Line HQ, Latitude Corporate Center, The Plaza at 38 Park Avenue, Astra Centre Lifestyle Mall, Astra Corporate Center (2021), The Paragon Davao Lifestyle Mall, The Paragon Convention Center and Phase 1 of the Davao Global Township.
Jose Soberano III, CLI president and chief executive, sees the company further expanding recurring income streams within the next four years as it completes the following projects: Base Line HQ, Latitude Corporate Center, The Plaza at 38 Park Avenue, Astra Centre Lifestyle Mall, Astra Corporate Center, The Paragon Davao Lifestyle Mall, The Paragon Convention Center, and phase 1 of the Davao Global Township.
Thursday at the intersection of Glidden and Base Line roads, said DeKalb County Sheriff Chief Deputy Andy Sullivan.
Rails Bend rails from a base line are: Hurdle top out 11yds, bottom out 13yds.
Moody's said that Gulf Bank's standalone Base Line Credit Assessment rating reflects its solid revenue-generation capacity, comfortable liquidity metrics and adequate capitalization.
The stadium was fairly empty and bifurcated: fans of Israel lined the first base line; fans of Brazil (or "Brasil," as was written on the players' unis), lined the third base line.

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