A coal stove with a hopper that replenishes itself from above as lower layers of fuel are consumed.


(Cookery) US a stove into which coal is automatically fed from a hopper above the fire chamber


or base′ burn`er or base′-burn`er,

a stove with a self-acting fuel hopper over the fire chamber.
[1870, Amer.]
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BASEBURNER + Breaking The Illusion + CatchIt Kebabs
Prices ranged from as little as $9 for a plain, utilitarian heater, to as much as $50 for an elaborate baseburner complete with nickel-plated ornamentation and mica panels that allowed a golden glow to escape from the flames within.
Bill and Chrissy focus on two primary types of stoves: heaters and baseburners.
Baseburners, in their day, owned only by the most affluent, were designed to be functional and showy, allowing view of the fire through mica windows on three sides.
Plus elegant Morsos and Petit Godins and Jotuls and other European imports in vibrant Dansk enamel colors, and Fisher's family of Bears, Vermont Casting's Defiant and Vigilant, and the Woodsmen and Arctics, Downdrafters and Baseburners, and a thousand other models made by 400 firms in Canada and the U.S.