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base runner

n. Baseball
A member of the team at bat who has safely reached or is trying to reach a base.

base′run′ning (bās′rŭn′ĭng) n.


(Baseball) the act of running around bases
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CHICAGO -- Named Vince Coleman baserunning instructor.
The Indians (7-4, 2-2) have lacked power - no one has a home run - but has won games because of good pitching, tight fielding and scrappy baserunning.
The Houston Astros announced today that 15-year Major League veteran and former TV analyst, Eric Young, has been named as the club's minor league outfield and baserunning roving instructor.
The data collected includes pitch type analysis, baserunning analysis, pitcher's record of opposing batters, performance by starting pitcher, productivity by batting order position, and fielding bible plus/minus data.
However, Take-Two Inter active Software, Inc's Major League Baseball 2K8--while revolutionizing player control in its latest installment of the popular franchise with brand new pitching, fielding, baserunning, and a completely overhauled batting interface--brings fans closer to the action than ever before by featuring authentic major and minor league stadiums that have been redesigned for accuracy, complete with the details and specific architectural quirks of each ballpark and city.
One way we do this is by implementing our multi-situational hitting drill--a device that has greatly helped to improve our baserunning, bunt coverages, relays, and quick decision making in the field.
In a skills competition held Tuesday, Willamette Valley's Tyler Johnson and Britt won the baserunning relay.
The Guide shows how your best baserunning tool isn't your speed, legs, or feet--it's your head.
a leading global Internet software developer, these themed cards offer Derek's recommendations on improving skills in batting, baserunning, fielding, and winning.
If he is imaginative, the coach invites his charges to watch videos of great baseball players, encouraging them to mimic the graceful swing of Ted Williams or the energetic baserunning of Roberto Clemente.
From the revolutionary On Command(TM) Baserunning to all of the online capabilities, consumers will be amazed by the amount of features in the game that intensify their overall experience.
There were infield hits, balls finding holes, poor baserunning, and another defeat for the last-place Sox on Friday night.