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base runner

n. Baseball
A member of the team at bat who has safely reached or is trying to reach a base.

base′run′ning (bās′rŭn′ĭng) n.


(Baseball) the act of running around bases
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But there is one thing the Cubs are trying to do, and that's become a good baserunning team.
One might think, then, that if batting, baserunning, pitching, and fielding are weighted correctly, then the coefficients on these factors ([a.
As an assistant at Oregon, he oversaw the offense and baserunning schemes, which emphasized moving runners and executing situational hitting.
Meant to encapsulate a player's total value to his team, it wraps offensive, defensive and baserunning contributions into one number.
Cox, a program manager, uses statistical analysis to determine 120 of baseball's best teams in specific seasons from 1901 to 2014 and which players and skills made them the best, through data on team and individual player valuations for hitting, baserunning, fielding, and pitching.
CHICAGO -- Named Vince Coleman baserunning instructor.
The baseball volume covers the skills of hitting, baserunning, pitching, defense and advanced "big league" conditioning tips.
The Indians (7-4, 2-2) have lacked power - no one has a home run - but has won games because of good pitching, tight fielding and scrappy baserunning.
The Houston Astros announced today that 15-year Major League veteran and former TV analyst, Eric Young, has been named as the club's minor league outfield and baserunning roving instructor.
The data collected includes pitch type analysis, baserunning analysis, pitcher's record of opposing batters, performance by starting pitcher, productivity by batting order position, and fielding bible plus/minus data.
However, Take-Two Inter active Software, Inc's Major League Baseball 2K8--while revolutionizing player control in its latest installment of the popular franchise with brand new pitching, fielding, baserunning, and a completely overhauled batting interface--brings fans closer to the action than ever before by featuring authentic major and minor league stadiums that have been redesigned for accuracy, complete with the details and specific architectural quirks of each ballpark and city.
One way we do this is by implementing our multi-situational hitting drill--a device that has greatly helped to improve our baserunning, bunt coverages, relays, and quick decision making in the field.