Alkaline reaction

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a reaction indicating alkalinity, as by the action on limits, turmeric, etc.

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After hundreds of years of being controlled by an authoritarian clergy, what Micheal Martin referred to a basic reaction to inequality at the core of the Irish DNA clearly won out.
"Ask and you will receive money" is the basic reaction of most parents that is turning their kids into carefree spenders.
The miss from just a yard out was a shocker but Hands said: "It was just a basic reaction. I turned and the ball went through my legs.
The yields of acidic products remained practically constant whereas yield of acetone and acetylene formed via basic reaction pathway increased (Fig.
"It is a basic reaction to the falls of the last weeks," says Amr Elalfi, director at CI Capital, adding that investors were also in upbeat mood ahead of the second quarter earnings season.
"When they first put Mac and Zoe together, the reaction behind the scenes prepared me for what was going to happen because there was a huge divide between the cast and production staff, whose basic reaction was: 'how could you do that?'."
"Our basic reaction is that we're delighted the attorney general agrees denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples violates Oregon's Bill of Rights," said Dave Fidanque, executive director of the Oregon ACLU.
"My basic reaction was that there was more innuendo in the programme than hard fact," he said.
After the hearing, the 61-year-old victim Mrs Kellett said: 'My basic reaction is delight, I hope it's the end of the nightmare.
The basic reaction scheme (5) of phenolic resin with epoxy system has been conveniently used in the matrix preparation.
Moreover, he has moved beyond a basic reaction to this reality (which he rightly calls sin) to some deeper reflections.
Almost all of us have a basic reaction to artworks, but to go beyond it requires some use this basic reaction to direct our inquiry.