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A fruiting body that bears basidia, characteristic of many basidiomycetes. Also called basidioma.

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(Botany) the fruiting body of basidiomycetous fungi; the mushroom of agarics
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Noun1.basidiocarp - the fruiting body of a basidiomycete which bears its spores on special cells
basidiomycete, basidiomycetous fungi - any of various fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota
fruiting body - an organ specialized for producing spores
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The result of diameter of basidiocarp per flushing, the result in first flush was not significant, second flush no significant, third flush no significant, fourth flush not significant, and the fifth flush the last flushing of diameter of basidiocarp was not significant to each treatment.
Basidiocarp resupinate, adnate, effused, up to 250 [micro]m thick in section; hymenial surface smooth, yellowish white to pale yellow when fresh, pale orange to orange white on drying, margins thinning, paler concolorous, to indeterminate.
Optimization of culture conditions for mycelial growth and basidiocarp production of Lentinus tigrinus (Bull.) Fr., a new record of domesticated wild edible mushroom in the Philippines.
commune is characterized by densely wooly white colonies with a tart smell, formation of basidiocarp after incubation with intermittent sunlight exposure, and concentric annular area in the colonies central.
Additionally higher moisture content in the mushroom context might facilitate the development of undesired outcomes such as occurrence of certain molds or bacteria and deformities in the basidiocarp (Rana et al.
Substantial expertise is required because these fungi are traditionally classified by their basidiocarp, which is rarely present on wood products or in culture.
Basidiocarp development of the cyphelloid gasteroid aquatic basidiomycetes Halocyphina villosa and Limnoperdon incarnatum.
Optimization of Culture Conditions for Mycelial Growth and Basidiocarp Production of Lentinustigrinus (Bull.) Fr., A new Record of Domesticated Wild Edible Mushroom in the Philippines.
Basidiocarp development requires temperatures of 12-15[degrees]C.
The bags were opened at one end to allow production of fruiting bodies or basidiocarp. Using an atomizer, the open end of the bags was sprayed with clean water at least 3 times a day in order to prevent the dehydration of bags.