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 (bə-sĭd′ē-ō-mī′sēt′, -mī-sēt′)
Any of various members of a large group of fungi producing spores on basidia. The group includes puffballs, shelf fungi, rusts, smuts, and many species of mushrooms.

ba·sid′i·o·my·ce′tous (-mī-sē′təs) adj.
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(Plants) any fungus of the phylum Basidiomycota (formerly class Basidiomycetes), in which the spores are produced in basidia. The group includes boletes, puffballs, smuts, and rusts
[C19: from basidi(um) + -mycete]
baˌsidiomyˈcetous adj
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(bəˌsɪd i oʊˈmaɪ sit, -maɪˈsit)

any of a large group of fungi, including mushrooms, puffballs, rusts, and smuts, that constitute the phylum Basidiomycota, characterized by a spore-bearing structure in the form of a basidium.
[1895–1900; < New Latin Basidiomycetes; see basidium, –mycete]
ba•sid`i•o•my•ce′tous, adj.
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Noun1.basidiomycete - any of various fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota
basidiocarp - the fruiting body of a basidiomycete which bears its spores on special cells
fungus - an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia
Basidiomycetes, class Basidiomycetes - large class of higher fungi coextensive with subdivision Basidiomycota
mushroom - any of various fleshy fungi of the subdivision Basidiomycota consisting of a cap at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium
agaric - a saprophytic fungus of the order Agaricales having an umbrellalike cap with gills on the underside
gill fungus - a basidiomycete with gills
polypore, pore fungus, pore mushroom - woody pore fungi; any fungus of the family Polyporaceae or family Boletaceae having the spore-bearing surface within tubes or pores; the fruiting bodies are usually woody at maturity and persistent
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This material is significant, as it was collected in high mountain areas between 1400 and 3000 metres above sea level, confirming Cogan's (1971, 1977) assumption that Afrotropical representatives of the genus Suillia may be chiefly restricted to afforested mountain areas, where the climate is more moderate and larvae are able to develop in basidiomycete fungi.
Degradation of crystalline cellulose by the brown-rot Basidiomycete Fomitopsispalustris.
II: The Identification of teonanacatl, a narcotic Basidiomycete of the Aztecs.
In the culture, the appearance of fruiting bodies, the visualization of septate hyaline hyphae with clamp connections (fibulas) and the presence of spicules facilitate identification of this basidiomycete.
Binding of nuclear proteins to the promoter region of the laccase gene Cs-lcs1 from the basidiomycete Ceriporiopsis subvermispora.
Kenzo Koike, a chemist with Kao Corporation's Beauty Research Centre in Tokyo, has isolated an enzyme from a strain of Basidiomycete ceriporiopsis, a type of 'white-rot' fungus that has also shown potential to degrade and clean up pollutants in soil.
A molecule derived from the amino acid glutamine, theanine is typically found in tea (infusions of Camellia sinensis) and also in the basidiomycete mushroom Boletus badius.
"No one's pulled large numbers of basidiomycete endophytes from trees like that before."