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tr.v. ba·si·fied, ba·si·fy·ing, ba·si·fies Chemistry
1. To convert into a base.
2. To make alkaline.

ba′si·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
ba′si·fi′er n.


the process of making something alkaline
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Basification of PZA 4 to Dianionic Polyelectrolyte (DAPE) 6.
Basification of PZA 4 to Zwitterionic Anionic Polyelectrolyte (ZAPE) 7.
EasyWhite Tan is a totally new concept in chrome-free tanning; using Granofin Easy F-90, an organic compound that is metal free, as well as aldehyde free, formaldehyde free and phenol free, its self-reactive hybrid performance means that the usual basification process in tanning and the earlier pickle stage, are completely eliminated.