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 (băs′ə-lər) also bas·i·lar·y (-lĕr′ē)
Of, relating to, or located at or near the base, especially the base of the skull: the basilar artery.

[New Latin basilāris, from Latin basis, base; see basis.]


(Anatomy) chiefly anatomy of or situated at a base: basilar artery. Also: basilary
[C16: from New Latin basilaris, from Latin basis base1; compare Medieval Latin bassile pelvis]


(ˈbæs ə lər)

also bas•i•lar•y

(-ˌlɛr i)

pertaining to or situated at the base, esp. the base of the skull.
[1535–45; < New Latin basilāre= Medieval Latin bassil(e) pelvis + Latin -āre, neuter of -āris -ar1]
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Adj.1.basilar - of or relating to or located at the basebasilar - of or relating to or located at the base; "the basilar membrane of the cochlea"


a. basilar, rel. a la base o parte basal.
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The Riptide Aspiration System is intended for use in the revascularization of patients with acute ischemic stroke secondary to intracranial large vessel occlusive disease (within the internal carotid, middle cerebral - M1 and M2 segments, basilar and vertebral arteries) within eight (8) hours of symptom onset.
There was also a hypoattenuating area adjacent to the basilar artery, which represented active extravasation of blood into the already present subarachnoid blood products (Figure 2).
We can conclude that the lingual cortical and basilar cortical bone is significantly greater than the buccal bone and the presence of cancellous bone is similar in class I and class III subjects.
Quantitative analysis of the trajectory of simulated basilar apex aneurysms through the internal carotid artery to assess the need for an orbitozygomatic approach.
If two tones are wide enough apart in frequency, each will stimulate a separate region of the basilar membrane in the cochlea.
Follow-up chest radiograph of right basilar infiltrate and interval development of the left peri-hilar and basilar infiltrate.
Right internal carotid angiogram showed complete occlusion of the right middle cerebral artery and the formation of moyamoya vessels in the basal ganglia and a persistent primitive trigeminal artery (PPTA) that branched from the C4 portion of the right internal carotid artery and terminated at the upper portion of the basilar artery [Figure 1]c.
The patient's previous medical history revealed that it was not the first attack, as she had been treated before for rupture of the aneurysm at division of the basilar artery (BA) followed by SAH and intracerebral hematoma in the region of the right thalamus, when embolization of the ruptured aneurysm had been performed.
According to the "place theory", the coding of frequency is performed by the auditory system using the vibrations of the basilar membrane in the cochlea.
Drake et al, reportaron una mayor supervivencia de los pacientes con aneurismas de la circulacion posterior incluyendo la arteria basilar proximal, pero ha hecho hincapie en la dificultad de alcanzar estos aneurismas desde arriba a traves del abordaje subtemporal y desde abajo por el enfoque suboccipital, lo que provoco referencia a esta region como "tierra de nadie".
Every day I live with the knowledge the clot is still in my brain, on my basilar artery which controls breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.
They cover basic anatomy, external and internal carotid arteries, the carotid-ophthalmic triangle, posterior communicating artery and anterior choroidal artery, middle cerebral artery, anterior cerebral and anterior communicating arteries, basilar bifurcation and posterior cerebral arteries, vertebral and basilar arteries, and venous anatomy.