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 (băs′ə-lər) also bas·i·lar·y (-lĕr′ē)
Of, relating to, or located at or near the base, especially the base of the skull: the basilar artery.

[New Latin basilāris, from Latin basis, base; see basis.]
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(Anatomy) chiefly anatomy of or situated at a base: basilar artery. Also: basilary
[C16: from New Latin basilaris, from Latin basis base1; compare Medieval Latin bassile pelvis]
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(ˈbæs ə lər)

also bas•i•lar•y

(-ˌlɛr i)

pertaining to or situated at the base, esp. the base of the skull.
[1535–45; < New Latin basilāre= Medieval Latin bassil(e) pelvis + Latin -āre, neuter of -āris -ar1]
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Adj.1.basilar - of or relating to or located at the basebasilar - of or relating to or located at the base; "the basilar membrane of the cochlea"
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a. basilar, rel. a la base o parte basal.
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Ladd has spent nearly three decades practicing orthopaedic surgery at Stanford University, specializing in hand surgery and research focused on deciphering the progression and treatment of common basilar thumb arthritis.
However, the young Frenchman died from a basilar skull fracture, caused by the hyperextension of the head and neck relative to the body.
She was also diagnosed with basilar invagination, which is when a vertebrae starts to migrate upwards.
Together, they lead to a pressure difference across the basilar membrane, its displacement and to a traveling wave, as in air conduction (AC) hearing [1-4, 7, 8].
In the 1960s, von Bekesy hypothesized that the basilar membrane was tonotopically organized, and he gave a "traveling" wave or vibratory fluid motion that traversed the membrane from base to apex.
His trachea was then intubated, with the flexible bronchoscopy revealing a small amount of blood in the basilar branches of the right lower lobe of his lungs.
We decided that we damaged the basilar membrane, resulting in the entry of air bubbles to the scala vestibuli.
In this study, investigators flow loaded the basilar artery in rats by performing bilateral carotid artery ligation.
Inside the skull, they merge to form the basilar artery, which supplies blood to the back of the brain.
Garcia was taken from Dubai Marina to Rashid Hospital, where he was diagnosed with basilar artery occlusion, an infrequent form of an acute stroke, which invariably leads to death or long-term disability if blood flow is not restored.