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 (băs′ə-lər) also bas·i·lar·y (-lĕr′ē)
Of, relating to, or located at or near the base, especially the base of the skull: the basilar artery.

[New Latin basilāris, from Latin basis, base; see basis.]


(Anatomy) chiefly anatomy of or situated at a base: basilar artery. Also: basilary
[C16: from New Latin basilaris, from Latin basis base1; compare Medieval Latin bassile pelvis]


(ˈbæs ə lər)

also bas•i•lar•y

(-ˌlɛr i)

pertaining to or situated at the base, esp. the base of the skull.
[1535–45; < New Latin basilāre= Medieval Latin bassil(e) pelvis + Latin -āre, neuter of -āris -ar1]
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Adj.1.basilar - of or relating to or located at the basebasilar - of or relating to or located at the base; "the basilar membrane of the cochlea"


a. basilar, rel. a la base o parte basal.
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The GDN has learned that Nikhil suffered a major basilar fracture, which medics said was "tough to heal".
Many types of skull fracture were found that include linear fissured fracture in 40.74% cases, followed by basilar fracture in 18.51% cases, comminuted fracture in 8.64%, crush fracture in 6.17% and depressed fracture were found in 4.93% cases.
* Basilar fractures. These may look initially like simple concussions and may not be visible on CT scans, but there may be cranial nerve findings and ophthalmoplegia.