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Noun1.basileus - a ruler of the eastern Roman Empire
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
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Durante este periodo, el Basileus envio una serie de embajadas buscando la paz, las cuales no tuvieron respuesta del Califa.
Barbara Carpenter, Basileus of Zeta Phi Beta, has made diabetes education an integral part of the sorority's health programs.
We feel that we're way out front in the area of civil rights, going back to the days when Roy Wilkins and Wiley Branton were first initiated as brothers," Grand Basileus C.
Grand Basileus Eunice Thomas, who has directed the organization for more than four years, says Zeta Phi Beta is more than a social group.
While most Black Greek-letter organizations were founded on Black college campuses, where the social climate was supportive and communal, Sigma Gamma Rho was not, and this historical feature has carved a unique brand of sisterhood, according to Grand Basileus Katie Kinnard White.
The Romans, for their part, were in their normal military array, all well disciplined and, in contrast to the motley army of the Seleucid Basileus, largely standardized in the Roman way as to weapons and tactics.
Saint Paul chooses the first translation basileus dikeosinis, that he associates with that of king of peace (basileus irinis) translating the term Salim, which transfers the Hebrew salem, by peace (Hebr.
En el ano 1472, el Gran Duque de Todas las Rusias, Ivan III, se caso con Sofia Paleologa, sobrina del ultimo basileus, Constantino XI, entroncando asi la genealogia de la dinastia Rurikida con la casa imperial bizantina.
Healing Civilizations presents a wealth of intriguing information, such as how the herb basil's name originated from the Greek word basileus, or king, because it was so highly regarded.
Sostiene Gomez Arboleya (1952: 53-62)- que, si desde muy temprano, el basileus se convierte en el jefe de la mas poderosa y noble familia, a partir del periodo micenico, las familias aristocraticas recortaran su poder absoluto paulatinamente.
The Western Region of Sigma Gamma Rho is most recognized for collaborating with the Grand Basileus (International President) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
And indeed the first step in the formal procedure would have been for the would-be prosecutors to approach the archon basileus as the presiding officer of the Areopagus to request permission to initiate a prosecution.