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Noun1.basileus - a ruler of the eastern Roman Empire
ruler, swayer - a person who rules or commands; "swayer of the universe"
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Dylan Mouth's trainer Stefano Botti enjoyed more luck in the Group 2 Gran Criterium, in which the Botti family completed a clean sweep of the places with the winner Biz Heart leading home stablemate Basileus, with the Marco Botti-trained British raider Gerrard's Quest back in third.
8220;Fortunately, many more Central Virginia families will now be able to have a healthy, happy Thanksgiving holiday,” said Darius Parker of Charlottesville and Basileus of IX IOTA Chapter.
In a monarchy it would be the role of the king (represented in Athens as the Archon Basileus, or "King Archon") to facilitate investigations and trials for homicide, but in Argos the royal family members are both perpetrators and victims.
8 As for the Beja, it has been proposed that they formed a sort of confederated kingdom and that only the king of the confederation used the title of basileus, while chiefs of subtribes or smaller groups would be basiliskoi and / or phylarchoi.
Basileus of Caesarea, Origenes, and Hyppolitus Romanus, as well as his influences upon subsequent writers, see Coppa 90 (Opere di Sant 'Ambtogio).
Where terms like basileus are concerned, Whitaker makes the further point that translating as 'chief' rather than as 'king' neatly undoes any appropriation of Homer to notions of monarchical power (and actually echoes the practice of some 18th to mid-19th century translators, p.
The basilica shape so common and appropriate in Mediterranean Christianity suggests an analogy of the church to the Roman magistrate's court, a long, horizontally extended, rectangular building embodying the law-administering authority of the king, the basileus, with the magistrate seated separately at the far end in an apse as judge to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.
Eros, O Basileus (1967) appears in eight orders, with three segments alternating with the four of The Illaic Passion at the end.
But even here Megas goes missing, only to be hunted down under Basileus.
Mele continua asserendo che se il depositario primo dell'epos--prodotto della cultura orale con il compito di trasmettere consuetudini da conoscere ed imitare--e il basileus, egli non ne e tuttavia l'esclusivo portavoce.
10) The notion of divine favor encouraged subsequent princes to call themselves "czar," the equivalent of the Byzantine basileus and the Roman caesar.