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a. An open, shallow, usually round container used especially for holding liquids.
b. The amount that such a vessel can hold.
2. A washbowl; a sink.
a. A body of water that is connected to the sea and is partially or almost completely enclosed by land.
b. A small body of water that is artificially enclosed.
4. See watershed.
5. Geology
a. A broad tract of land in which the rock strata are tilted toward a common center.
b. A large, bowl-shaped depression in the surface of the land or ocean floor.

[Middle English, from Old French bacin, from Vulgar Latin *baccīnum, from *baccus, container, of Celtic origin.]

ba′sin·al adj.
ba′sined (-sĭnd) adj.


pertaining to a basin
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Adj.1.basinal - of or relating to a basinbasinal - of or relating to a basin; "basinal deposits"
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the basinal hemipelagic muddy carbonates deposited in slope or toe-of-slope host reservoir quality (Stow, 1994; Krenmayr, 1996).
This is a proven reservoir comparable with other established oilfields in East Midlands Basin with multiple sources of hydrocarbons including Westphalian coals and organic rich basinal mudstones.
Valenzuela 47-Tapenio 14, Atienza 10, Mendoza 8, Maliwat 6, Basinal 4, Kirsch 3, Darilag 2, Diologo 0, Soyangco 0, General 0, Catipay 0, Tayer 0
A number of new research directions were started in Estonia at that time, including ecostratigraphy, event stratigraphy and basinal geology, all based on the tight combination of palaeontology, stratigraphy, lithology, facies analysis and various other aspects.
The best sealing conditions are said to occur in the basinal areas rather than on ridge/platform areas, where sequence becomes more sandy.
[16] who stated that there is no interaction between fossil/connate hydrocarbon-bearing brines and deep basinal flow systems or geothermal systems at the study site.
It passes first to blackish limestones of the carbonate shelf (Sinemurian), then to marls of the shelf-edge or slope facies (Pleinsbachian), and, finally, to basinal turbidites with intercalated hemipelagites (Pleisn-bachian-Toarcian) Santantonio (1993, 2012) described Toarcian extensional tectonics in the Caloveto Group, close to the Longobucco basin.
Chronology, relative sea level history and a new sequence stratigraphic model for basinal Cretaceous facies of Colombia.
The WSP project is located immediately adjacent to the Rockwood/Albamarle claims in North Clayton Valley and covers approximately 425 hectares, including a gravity low anomaly interpreted to represent a basinal low permissive to host brines containing elevated concentrations of lithium.
Among them are a road guide to the Harpeth River and Stones River fault zones on the northwest flank of the Nashville dome in central Tennessee, coal mining impacts and remediation in the North Chickamauga Creek upper watershed near Chattanooga, stratigraphy and depositional environments in the Silurian Red Mountain Formation of the southern Appalachian basin, Sequatchie Valley structure and stratigraphy, and the sedimentary architecture of basinal Fort Payne (Mississippian) deposits: mixed-carbonate-clastic channels and Waulsortian-like mounds.
The overlying Izhara is lithogically similar but contains some darker, more basinal limestones.