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also bas·ci·net  (băs′ə-nĕt′, băs′ə-nĭt)
A small, light, rounded steel helmet from the Middle Ages, terminating in a point at the top and often having a projecting visor.

[Middle English, from Old French bacinet, diminutive of bacin, basin; see basin.]
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(ˈbæsɪnɪt; -ˌnɛt) or


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a close-fitting medieval helmet of light steel usually with a visor
[C14: from Old French bacinet, a little basin, from bacin basin]
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(ˈbæs ə nɪt, -ˌnɛt, ˌbæs əˈnɛt)

a pointed helmet of the 14th century.
[1250–1300; Middle English bas(e)net < Middle French bacinet. See basin, -et]
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Noun1.basinet - a medieval steel helmetbasinet - a medieval steel helmet    
body armor, body armour, cataphract, coat of mail, suit of armor, suit of armour - armor that protects the wearer's whole body
aventail, camail, ventail - a medieval hood of mail suspended from a basinet to protect the head and neck
helmet - armor plate that protects the head
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Looking back, I remember his 19-month-old sister, Kristin, pointed out when she saw her little brother in the hospital basinet for the first time: "He has a tongue!"
The basinet scale (Model 180, Salter, Australia) was used to weigh patients [less than or equal to]15 kg.
Elsewhere, an Italian 14th-century iron basinet can be found at Peter Finer's exhibition 'The Knight', and Burzio presents furniture by Bartolomeo Manghetti and Pietro Piffetti at Robilant + Voena.
"We're going to try to keep our pricing pretty simple," Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said in a Q&A with analyst Jason Basinet. "Under 40, that's going to be the price."
Rita is survived by her nieces, Karen Basinet and Gail Therrien; her nephew, Steven; cousins; the Sisters of the Assumption worldwide, and the Sisters of St.
When organizing the place where the child would sleep, they used what they had learnt at the hospital, this was how two women organized the basinet with the nest used in the hospital as a crib to hold the children in the incubators; nobody had told them to use it at home, but they saw that in the NICU all the children had it and seemed comfortable in it, thus, they decided to make one so their offspring would not miss the way they were accustomed to sleeping; besides, they covered the basinet with thermal blankets and placed it close to the bed where they would be sleeping.
(ii) Working cardiac trolley, a basinet, a soft blanket for swaddling and a table to write on (iii) A dedicated staff nurse to be allocated to help during the procedure (iv) A separate sterile pack with 10 ml of water for injection per infant (v) Diluted Hibitane for sterilisation of speculum (vi) All request forms should be completed by the referring doctor (vii) Every neonate booked for the clinic should have an ROP form completed in duplicate (viii) A diary should be kept with all appointments.
Louise picked up the infant from the elaborate basinet, this time an expensive one with ribbons and real wicker and the softest, fine cotton, with the tag, Carter infant, six weeks.
24Santa Baby, commonly believed to have been sung by her, was actually recorded by Cynthia Basinet as a Christmas gift for Jack Nicholson.
He in pointed basinet and chain mail, a lion at his feet and dagger and sword hanging from his belt.
This is aptly captured in the experience of a third generation member of AFB who was first taken to 'the office' in a basinet and in whose childhood memories: