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 (bā-sĭp′ĭ-tl, -zĭp′-)
adj. Botany
Of or relating to the development or maturation of tissues or organs or the movement of substances, such as hormones, from the apex downward toward the base.

ba·sip′e·tal·ly adv.
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in the manner of a basipetal
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Besides, they develop basipetally and the meristems that give rise to them show a delayed development (McSteen & Leyser, 2005).
According to the degradome sequencing results in our study, the ptf-miR157a/b was confirmed to target the ABC transporter B family member 19 (ABCB19), which plays an important role in basipetally long-distance auxin transport from the seedling apex to roots, resulting in auxin accumulation to increase formation of adventitious roots [30,31].
(1999) reported that in plants in which roots regenerate spontaneously, endogenous auxins produced at the shoot apex are transported basipetally to the cut surface and act as the trigger, removal of the apex reduces both the level of endogenous auxin in the basal portion of a cutting and the number of regenerated roots.
If auxin is applied to these buds, they fail to grow, proving that they are inhibited by auxin moving basipetally (downward) from the shoot apex.
Previous studies have shown that the dual promoter of Agrobacterium tumefaciens mannopine synthase (mas) genes is regulated by plant growth hormones, and that the activity of the mas dual promoters increases basipetally in developing plants; it has also been reported that the apical meristem contains a factor that inhibits stimulation of mas promoter activity (Langridge et al.