Paper weight

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any object used as a weight to prevent loose papers from being displaced by wind, or otherwise.

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Four sheets of spunbond fabric, ~20 cm x 28 cm, were used: one was used only for relative basis weight analysis and three for relative basis weight analysis, fiber orientation analysis, and tensile testing.
Basis weight, the total weight per unit area of paper sheets, is one of the vital physical indexes for quality control of produced paper [4-6].
Munksjo, a manufacturer of advanced paper products, has completed its range of Gerbier HDS with a 35 g/[m.sup.2] low basis weight paper.
The sensor can measure thickness and basis weight of clear, voided, porous, and translucent films on-line.
Stora Enso is reducing the basis weight of its Tambrite packaging board to improve its efficiency and environmental performance.
Using the basis weight of the individual product, and factoring in tolerances set by the manufacturer, the scale looks for combinations of buckets that achievea desired weight and then calculates a precise count of the product.
The mean basis weight and mean density for Vortigen and standard samples were 107 g/[m.sup.2] and 109 g/[m.sup.2]; and 0.83 g/[cm.sup.3] and 0.79 g/[cm.sup.3] respectively.
The upgraded FG710S infrared film thickness gauge is designed for high precision measurement of basis weight or thickness of single- or multi-layer films.
If the flow meter is unstable it can result in irregularities in the basis weight of the paper.
The first paper with a basis weight of 90 g/m was wound at a speed of 1030 m/min.
The collection includes a comprehensive offering of white and finishes at every logical basis weight increment and caliper, enabling designers to bend and fold the paper into nearly any shape.