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basket hilt

A sword hilt with a basket-shaped guard serving to cover and protect the hand.

bas′ket-hilt′ed (-hĭl′tĭd) adj.
References in classic literature ?
All the time that he had appeared so indifferent to what was going on, he had been looking slily about for some missile or weapon of defence, and at the very instant when the swords were drawn, he espied, standing in the chimney- corner, an old basket-hilted rapier in a rusty scabbard.
I have done a lot of fencing but fighting with a real basket-hilted broadsword is completely different - much tougher.
A basket-hilted sword of the type used by a Cavalier in the English Civil War sold for pounds 900, while a 17th century style Cabasset (pear-shaped helmet) sold for pounds 600.