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Adj.1.basket-shaped - shaped like a basketbasket-shaped - shaped like a basket      
formed - having or given a form or shape
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There is a demand for carry-on car seats [which help parents to carry the baby in the basket-shaped car seats when they leave the car].
Oversized wicker basket-shaped chandeliers, original Spanish art, and a mezzanine floor with wall-to-wall wine displays complete the authentic setting.
Among the topics are synthesizing bowl-shaped and basket-shaped fullerene fragments with benzannulated enyne-allenes, experimental and calculated properties of fullerene and nanotube fragments, hemispherical geodesic polyarenes as attractive templates for the chemical synthesis of uniform-diameter armchair nanotubes, conjugated molecular belts based on three-dimensional benzannulene systems, and toward fully unsaturated double-stranded cycles.
This time, however, the more usual maiolica-like texture associated with traditional Italian ceramics was evident as can be seen in the glazing around the bone structure, cheeks and eyes of Lucariello's two-headed Vanitas basket-shaped piece.
The frame is constructed from steel mesh or tubular steel with wheels attached to its basket-shaped container.