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score - a number that expresses the accomplishment of a team or an individual in a game or contest; "the score was 7 to 0"
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One-and-done defensive coordinator Brady Hoke likened it to a basketball score and said he would remember the lopsided result for a long time.
It was becoming a basketball score with Hogg completing his double to make sure of the bonus point before even a quarter of the match had gone.
Only two teams in Division 1 basketball score more than the Hoosiers' 80 points per game.
Both Warrington and Harlequins will be fielding severely understrength sides at the Halliwell Jones and this one has all the makings of an end-of-season basketball score with both teams desperate for the campaign to end.
For when Nani sent Boro's senses spinning into orbit with a third minute rocket from 30 yards as Boro conceded first yet again, you feared a basketball score might be on the cards.
Bridge Inn 7, Acid Casuals 1; A&A Skips 5, Welsh Wizards 7; Ten Left Feet 5, Michaelston OB 0; Quins 0, Corporation FC 5 Wednesday Division Three: CHS 8, Surreal Madrid 1; Prudential 7, Mysterons FC 2; Celtic Symphony 11, Avalanche 2; Total Filtration Ltd 0, Debenhams 5; Reg Moore Devs 3, Morganstown FC 7 A BASKETBALL score of 22-13 was the outcome of an intriguing clash between Thornhill Blues and Tesco-Canton in Thursday Division One.
Women's soccer had the highest score (993) and the men's basketball score, despite steady progress under Altman, was the lowest among the athletic department's 18 teams.
Another basketball score is on the cards so look out for bookmakers' total points lines when they become available today.
Oregon State scored a 955 in football for its multi-year average, third-best in the Pac-12, while its men's basketball score was 948, though in both cases those multi-year averages were higher than the scores for the 2010-11 academic year, when the Beavers had a 945 for football and 931 for men's basketball.
In fact, it looked more like a baseball than a basketball score at the end of the first quarter.