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Noun1.basketmaker - someone skilled in weaving basketsbasketmaker - someone skilled in weaving baskets  
maker, shaper - a person who makes things
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With a handle of skunkbush and a cactus-spine business end, the tool was made around 2,000 years ago by the Ancestral Pueblo people of the Basketmaker II period in what is now southeastern Utah.
In what is called the Basketmaker II era, which ran from 400 B.C.
The Hopi trace their ancestry back to the Ancient Puebloan and Basketmaker cultures.
Handwoven baskets provide a guide into the culture, tribe, place, time, and identity of the basketmaker. The authors bring together almost 800 photographs, descriptions, and information on American Indian baskets and basketmaking, with the goal of helping the reader build their own collection.
The stable and radio-isotope chemistry of eastern Basketmaker and Pueblo groups in the four corners region of the American Southwest: implications for Anasazi diets, origins, and abandonments in Southwestern Colorado.
In "Sandals of the Basketmaker and Pueblo Peoples: Fabric Structure and Color Symmetry", collaborators Teague and Washburn do an anthropological study of sandals made by Native Americans in northern Mexico to what is today the Four Corners area of the American Southwest during the transition from the Basketmaker III to the Pueblo I period (generally AD 50 to 750).
Sandals of the Basketmaker and Pueblo peoples; fabric structure and color symmetry.
For example, Dimakis said, for the first time the inn will offer a workshop with basketmaker Ray Lagasse.
Bottom, basketmaker Mandy Coates with Awon Roberts LLANDUDNO Crowds flocked to the popular Celtic Winter Fayre in Madoc Street from Thursday to Sunday.
The team receives help from a woodsman, blacksmith and basketmaker when the farm needs emergency repairs.