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1. The craft or process of making baskets or objects woven like baskets.
2. Baskets and similar objects of interwoven material considered as a group. Also called basketwork.
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1. (Crafts) the art or practice of making baskets
2. baskets collectively
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(ˈbæs kɪ tri, ˈbɑ skɪ-)

1. baskets collectively; basketwork.
2. the art or process of making baskets.
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Noun1.basketry - the craft of basket makingbasketry - the craft of basket making    
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
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السِّلاليّه: صِناعَةُ السِّلال
košíkářská prácekošíkářské zboží
körfugerî; tágavörur
sepet örmesepetçilik


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(ˈbaːskit) noun
a container made of strips of wood, rushes etc woven together. She carried a large basket.
ˈbasketball noun
a game in which goals are scored by throwing a ball into a net on a high post.
a basketball court.
ˈbasketry noun
ˈbasketwork noun
articles made of plaited rushes etc.
a basketwork chair.
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The pieces include sculptures, drawings, paintings, wood CARINGS, tapestry, machine embroidery, rag rugs, felting, basketry, glassware, poems and cartoons, all inspired by nature.
The restrictions will apply to certain goods of stone, ceramic, metal, bone, ivory, shell, glass, faience, semi-precious stone, plaster, textiles, basketry and rope.
It is a more interactive space than a normal museum."Visitors can gain an overview of the local craft activities such as flour milling, smithing, pottery, coopering, basketry and so on," said Maria Jagnesakova, director of Orava Museum, as quoted by the TASR newswire.
Held under the theme 'Local resources and indigenous skills for sustainable communities' the event was characterised by awarding of certificates to excelling beneficiaries in categories such as machine sewing, leatherworks, basketry, beadwork, pottery, woodwork, art, patchwork, weaving and food preservation.
Artists' work must be consistent with the theme of "art that reflects and is inspired by the local landscape and all that it provides." Accepted mediums include original artwork, painting, drawing and other hanging art, photography, limited edition prints, ceramics, glass, sculptural pieces, basketry, fiber, paper, metal and wood.
Exhibit spotlights the arts of raised beadwork at Tuscarora, stone carving at Six Nations, Seneca basketry at Allegany, quiltmaking at Akwesasne, and tradional pottery at Oneida, Wisconsin.
In "Basketry Basics" she draws upon her years of experience and expertise to present an easy, accessible, and fun approach to basketmaking offers instructions for 18 beautiful and useful baskets.
The art of weaving bags from natural materials like dried grass and bamboo is millennia-old, with basketry technique dating back to ancient Egypt in the 1950s, when the straw totes came to be seen as a stylish item.
A wide mixture of Sindh's handicrafts including home textiles (made up of intricate patch work, cut work and embroidery), basketry, jewelry, dresses, dupattas, and shawls embellished with traditional embroidery and cut work will be exhibited.
A wide mixture of Sindh's handicrafts including home textiles (made up of intricate patch work, cut work and embroidery), basketry, jewellery, dresses, dupattas, and shawls embellished with traditional embroidery and cut work will be exhibited.
Women master artisans in the field of Basketry work, Phulkari, Lungi/Khes weaving and Embroidery work from all provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir will demonstrate their artisanship in the exhibition.