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(Crafts) another word for wickerwork
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(ˈbæs kɪtˌwɜrk, ˈbɑ skɪt-)

baskets or things made or woven in the manner of a basket; basketry.
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أعمـال سِلاليّهكُرْسي من السِّلال
košíkářské výrobkyproutěný
prútený tovar
sepet işisepet örgüsü


[ˈbɑːskɪtwɜːk] Ncestería f
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(ˈbaːskit) noun
a container made of strips of wood, rushes etc woven together. She carried a large basket.
ˈbasketball noun
a game in which goals are scored by throwing a ball into a net on a high post.
a basketball court.
ˈbasketry noun
ˈbasketwork noun
articles made of plaited rushes etc.
a basketwork chair.
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A soft and natural way of living is created with stoneware and ceramics lightweight glassware unfinished sculpted boards weaving and basketwork on a background of fresh botanicals and soothing tones.
Typical items include tiles, tiled tables and wall plaques, basketwork, beading, carvings in wood and stone, jewelry and paintings.
It is a beautiful basketwork of muscles and the only thing that can lift it is pelvic floor exercises.
Contents: After a brief introduction, users can select from dozens of topics such as basketwork, burial customs, children, dances, hunting, and weaving to view sets of photographs.
2012 Traditional Basketwork Techniques in Borneo, In: B.
(22) Perhaps the most direct reiteration of biblical history in The Misfortunes of Elphin is the appearance of the bard Taliesin: like Moses, who was discovered lying in "an ark of bulrushes" in the Nile River by the daughter of the Pharaoh of Egypt, Taliesin is found by Elphin, sleeping in a coracle ("a small boat of basketwork, sheathed with leather" [Misfortunes, 37n.]) in the Mawddach River.
imports from Rwanda include coffee, basketwork, tungsten ore, and apparel and accessories.
Among attractions were hand-loom weaving, spinning, clog-making, basketwork, tatting and pottery.
Antone was so grateful because her mother had taught her everything she knew about basketmaking, but had never received much fame from her own handwork - certainly not the fame Annie Antone has gained through her intricate basketwork.
The Bretby story starts in Linthorpe, a village near Middlesbrough in North Yorkshire, and a pottery opened there by Christopher A Bretby pottery jardiniere and stand moulded with flowers, basketwork and neoclassical designs.
Woods, wicker and basketwork keep the natural theme alive, while pots of white flowers displayed in terracotta and roughglazed white pots add a pretty touch without being precious.