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 (bā′sə-fĭl′ĭk, -zə-)
1. Easily stained with basic dyes. Used of a cell or cell structure.
2. Of or relating to basophils.
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(ˌbeɪ səˈfɪl ɪk)

also ba•soph•i•lous

(beɪˈsɒf ə ləs)

(of a cell, cytoplasm, etc.) having an affinity for basic stains.
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Adj.1.basophilic - staining readily with basic dyes
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
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Some publication indicated that chromophobe cells were undifferentiated to reserve for transforming into acidophilic cell and basophilic cell. Ultrastructural examinations confirmed that the chromophobe cells were rounded or polyhedral, whose nuclei were rounded or oval with a larger N/C ratio.
Basophils/eosinophils and BEAS-2B cells were analyzed separately based on the expression of specific basophilic cell surface marker CD203c in histograms and distinct forward light scatters (FSC) together with side light scatters (SSC) of eosinophils in dot plots using flow cytometry (FACSCalibur flow cytometer, BD Biosciences).
The aim of this study was to examine whether POMx modulates inflammatory reactions using human basophilic cell line KU812.
GATA-1 mutations, a transcription factor mutation integral to the normal development of erythroid, megakaryocytic and basophilic cell lines, have been associated with TAM and AML in Down's syndrome, as elucidated by studies done by Tunstall- Pedoe and colleagues.
(2006) also showed that luteolin inhibited phosphorylation of c-jun and DNA binding activity of AP-1 in a human basophilic cell line.
The follicle layer consisted of a single layer with 30 to 40 basophilic cells (4-10 [micro]m in thickness) through the largest diameter cross-section.
Histopathological examination of the excised specimen confirmed a typical pilomatricoma, which showed characteristic ghost cells, basophilic cells, and ossifications [Figure 4 and 5].
(iii) Giant cell layer: An indefinite and sparse single layer of giant basophilic cells were seen invading the deciduas.