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more than one person singing bass: There were three basses in the choir; more than one bass instrument: The orchestra had two string basses.
Not to be confused with:
bases – plural of base and of basis: All the bases are covered.
basis – the principal constituent; a basic fact, amount, standard, etc., used in reaching conclusions; groundwork: This is the basis for our decision.
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bass 1

n. pl. bass or bass·es
1. Any of various North American freshwater fishes of the family Centrarchidae, especially the largemouth bass and the smallmouth bass.
2. Any of various marine fishes especially of the families Serranidae and Moronidae, and including the sea basses and the striped bass.

[Middle English bas, perch, variant of early Middle English bærs, from Old English bears, bærs.]

bass 2

a. A male singing voice of the lowest range.
b. A singer who has such a voice.
2. An instrument, especially a double bass or bass guitar, that produces tones in a low register.
3. A vocal or instrumental part written in a low register.
4. A low-pitched sound or tone: the deep bass of trucks braking on the highway nearby.
5. The tones in the lowest register of an instrument: a piano that is weak in the treble but has a very full sound in the bass.
1. Having a deep tone.
2. Low in pitch.

[Middle English bas, lowest musical part, from bas, low; see base2.]
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