basset horn

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bas·set horn

A tenor clarinet, pitched in F, having a wider bell and greater range than a standard clarinet.

[Partial translation of German Bassetthorn : Bassett, type of low-pitched string instrument (ultimately from Italian basso, low; see basso) + Horn, horn (from the resemblance of early crescent-shaped models to hunting horns).]

basset horn

(Instruments) an obsolete woodwind instrument of the clarinet family
[C19: probably from German Bassetthorn, from Italian bassetto, diminutive of basso + horn]
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Noun1.basset horn - a tenor clarinetbasset horn - a tenor clarinet; pitched in the key of F below the B-flat clarinet
clarinet - a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
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In truth, he wrote for clarinet long before he wrote for basset horn (30, 37).
Deh vieni, no tardar", from Le nozze di Figaro; a frankly perfect, lusciously focused performance of Pamina's "Ach, ich fuhl's" from Die Zauberflote; gorgeously sustained high tones and a gentle lilt in Vitellia's "Non piu di fiori" from La dem-enza di Tito (the bubbling basset horn is impeccably played by Andre Moisan); and a playful take on Des-pina's "In uomini
Using a clarinet, a basset horn and a bass clarinet, Krakauer delivered a stunning performance of the work.
It also features Mozart's Adagio for clarinet and basset horn, Schubert's Symphony No.
ON SONG: Musician Nic Hurst, left, walks through Angel Field, which opened this week with a special performance attended by guests, with his basset horn Pictures: PAUL HEAPS
Nota bene: according to "Transposing instruments" in The New Oxford Companion, this use of bass clef in old editions applies also to basset horn and occasionally trumpet.
And his first pleasant surprise is awaiting him: an erudite text by Robert Sebesta with detailed information about the composer, the history of the basset horn, the work itself and the criteria used by the performers to arrange the 32 parts of Druzecky's Divertissement into six partitas.
The exterior of the fold-down desk surface depicts Salzburg, and musical instruments are featured on the door fronts: a violin, flute, natural horn and basset horn.