basset horn

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bas·set horn

A tenor clarinet, pitched in F, having a wider bell and greater range than a standard clarinet.

[Partial translation of German Bassetthorn : Bassett, type of low-pitched string instrument (ultimately from Italian basso, low; see basso) + Horn, horn (from the resemblance of early crescent-shaped models to hunting horns).]
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basset horn

(Instruments) an obsolete woodwind instrument of the clarinet family
[C19: probably from German Bassetthorn, from Italian bassetto, diminutive of basso + horn]
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Noun1.basset horn - a tenor clarinetbasset horn - a tenor clarinet; pitched in the key of F below the B-flat clarinet
clarinet - a single-reed instrument with a straight tube
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The exterior of the fold-down desk surface depicts Salzburg, and musical instruments are featured on the door fronts: a violin, flute, natural horn and basset horn. These latter are especially appropriate: when Mozart was living in Ebury Street he wrote his first symphonies (probably K16 and K19) and his sister, Maria Anna, who transcribed them for him, famously reminded him 'to give the horn something worthwhile to do'.
The Big Chris Barber Band comprises Chris himself on trombone and& bass, Bob Hunt (trombone), Pat Halcox (trumpet), Mike Henry (trumpet), Richard Exall (clarinet and sax), Tony Carter (clarinet, sax and flute), John Defferary (basset horn and sax), Andrew Kuc (banjo and guitar), John Slaughter (guitar), Vic Pitt (bass), Colin Miller (drums).
Markus plays the flugelhorn, the silver trumpet and the piccolo trumpet; Tara the clarinet, bass clarinet and the basset horn. (No--not all at once.) They play their own compositions and improvisations.
, is for basset horn and tape, "conceived for and inspired by sounds & words of Georgina Dobree." I will discuss the tape collage pieces in detail, and .
The disc is completed with the lateAdagio in C for wind quartet for cor anglais, basset horn, basset clarinet and bassoon on which he is joined by RachelAger,Colin Powell, Alan Pendlebury.
This movement is much more chromatic than the basset horn pieces above, and the necessary adjustments for range, balance, and things like double-stops are handled deftly.
"Strauss wrote for this very large apparatus: three flutes, a piccolo, two oboes, an English horn, two clarinets, a C clarinet, a basset horn, a bass clarinet, three bassoons and a contra bassoon, in addition to four horns and so on and so forth.
The Albion players, led by the oboe of Birmingham Conservatoire principal George Caird, and including Conservatoire head of woodwind Michael Harris on basset horn, deliver a performance which combines pert wit with heart-breaking inwardness.