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1. Offensive A person born to parents not married to each other.
2. Slang
a. A person considered to be mean or contemptible.
b. A person, especially one considered to be unfortunate: "crumbling shacks where some poor bastard had tried to raise a family" (Tom Clancy).
3. Something that is of irregular, inferior, or dubious origin.
1. Offensive Born to parents not married to each other.
2. Not genuine; spurious: a bastard style of architecture.
3. Resembling a known kind or species but not truly such.

[Middle English, from Old French, probably of Germanic origin; akin to Old Frisian bōst, marriage.]

bas′tard·ly adj.
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Adj.1.bastardly - born out of wedlock; "the dominions of both rulers passed away to their spurious or doubtful offspring"- E.A.Freeman
illegitimate - of marriages and offspring; not recognized as lawful
2.bastardly - of no value or worthbastardly - of no value or worth; "I was caught in the bastardly traffic"
contemptible - deserving of contempt or scorn
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