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 (băs′chən, -tē-ən)
1. A projecting part of a fortification.
2. A well-fortified position.
3. One that upholds or defends something, as against neglect or unpopularity: a college that is a bastion of traditionalism. See Synonyms at bulwark.

[French, from Old French bastillon, from bastille, fortress; see bastille.]

bas′tioned adj.
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Adj.1.bastioned - secured with bastions or fortificationsbastioned - secured with bastions or fortifications
protected - kept safe or defended from danger or injury or loss; "the most protected spot I could find"
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If my description has been intelligible, you will perceive, now, that a square, flat-roofed hovel, neatly frescoed, with its wall-tops gallantly bastioned and turreted with dried camel-refuse, gives to a landscape a feature that is exceedingly festive and picturesque, especially if one is careful to remember to stick in a cat wherever, about the premises, there is room for a cat to sit.
Instead, our luxury coaches took us to historic Cadillac and we ambled round its bastioned towers and city walls.
The burghers of Antwerp, following the attack on their city in 1542, spent over 10 000 000 guilders on updating the defences with stone-faced and bastioned walls in the Italian style.
The authors relate the very human cost in terms of expense and changes in urban government that disrupted the lives of many city dwellers in early modern Europe as bastioned fortifications began to be built.