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A boy or man who looks after the equipment of a baseball team, especially the bats.


(ˈbætˌbɔɪ) or


(Baseball) a young person who assists at baseball games, carrying bats to players and moving other equipment
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So, SA bowlers are weak and carefree to offer at east one full 100 to a top batboy, if the top ones fail then next persons in order would get it - even Dhoni could hope for it if others fail.
He also reputedly spent time as a batboy for the ABCs, whose home park was located within just a few blocks of the peripatetic Charlestons' Indiana Avenue homes.
Van Tol, whose oldest son will be the Ems' batboy, is ready for any task Feliciano asks of him.
Then we get to know his descendants, including Walter Snider, batboy for the New York Superbas who tries to combat Major League racism in 1908; Frankie Snider, a gal math whiz who in 1926 teams up with a fellow Brooklyn Robins fan to con a con artist; Kat Flint, star of the All-American Girls Baseball League in 1945; and Jimmy Flint, who's trying to cope with Cold War anxiety and with the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn in 1957.
Bibb visited the field frequently and eventually earned employment at the park as the Senator's batboy while working between innings selling bags of peanuts to fans in the bleachers.
Even Ray the Batboy helps (by painting scenes in all the picture books), along with Catfish Hunter, who is assigned to make dolls for Annabel, the girl who wrote the letter for her brothers.
1836, 1842 (2012) (commenting that relying on sparse statutory language to support the agency's position was like "hoping that a new batboy will change the outcome of the World Series").
The Court noted that "to rely in the case before us on this solitary word change in a different subsection is like hoping that a new batboy will change the outcome of the World Series.
During a game, they handed our batboy a Baby Ruth candy bar and asked him to give it to me.
batboy and ultimately of the beautiful daughter of the town's banker--who will give Chase a middle-class business career and the cottage for his (now medically repaired) family .
In his poem "McCormick Field," Michael McFee evokes trips to the ballpark by father and son and includes a mention of Wolfe, noting his time as a batboy for the Asheville Skylanders (50).
Regular customers Batboy, Dr Who, Freddy, Cyberboy, Stormtrooper and Darth Vader.