bath mat

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bath′ mat`

(bæθ, bɑθ)
a mat or washable rug used to stand on when entering or leaving a bath.
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Noun1.bath mat - a heavy towel or mat to stand on while drying yourself after a bathbath mat - a heavy towel or mat to stand on while drying yourself after a bath
bath linen - linens for use in the bathroom
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uk Aztec pom-pom bath mat, PS10, Matalan Benitza round bath mat, PS4.
SUBTLE yet stylish, House of Fraser's new Junipa bathroom range includes this bird bath mat, PS25, paisley boarder towel, PS12, glass bathroom set including soap dish, PS13, tumbler, PS14, and metal box PS40.
Now, this may work wonders for the Peter Pan of Pop, but I strongly advise the mature lady members of the Cliff Richard Fan Club NOT to attempt this at home without a sturdy bath mat and a hand rail.
She is absolutely gorgeous and has a fabulous figure so why someone saw fit to put her in a dress which appears to have been made out of a denim bath mat is beyond us.
99, New Look Anchor, PS15, Matalan Candle, PS4, Sainsbury's Exact match Mountain tea towels in mint, PS20 for set of 2, Ferm Living Bath mat, PS7, BHS Norfolk showering bath, PS549, at The Bath Store Body brush, PS4, Le Spa Bleu at John Lewis Body brush, PS4, Le Spa Bleu at John Lewis Ladder shelf, PS70, Wilkinson Christy Verona towel range in orange, PS23 for set, Very.
A bath mat is normally a pretty standard affair isn't it?
Moby Bath Kneeler and Bath Mat A THICK quick-dry, foam padded bath kneeler, with non-slip backing, that keeps parents' knees comfortable while baby's bathed.
Cut a hole in a bath mat so it fits over the drain and lay it in the shower to prevent your dog from slipping around.
A body-sized bath towel ranges from $24 to $36, while a bath mat is $28 to $48.
If you're not strong enough to pull out the refrigerator and clean behind it, Pinkham suggests covering a yardstick with an old sock and slipping it underneath or sliding a bath mat under the refrigerator to clean coils.
The Carmen Life Aqua Jet Bath Mat simply fits into the base of the bath and, once covered with water, hundreds of warm air jets massage the body all over, helping to relieve tension and soothe sore muscles.